A Few Reviews to Peruse…

Hi friends! I have realized that many of my art supply reviews never make it over to my blog, I’m not sure why, probably because I have a bit of a back log and I record them pretty far in advance sometimes and schedule them to YouTube and then I can’t remember when I set them to publish so I can write the blog LOL! If you have wondered if I have reviewed a product in the past you can search here on my blog and if nothing pops up you can use the search bar on my YouTube page, it looks like a little magnifying glass. I will be posting reviews a bit more frequently over the next couple of weeks because I know people are looking for gifts for their kids, grandkids or even a treat for themselves (or something to ask Santa for!) Hopefully this is helpful in your quest for high quality, yet reasonably priced, art supplies. Today we are going to look at a couple of pencil sets from the company Pagos. I had not heard of this company prior to reviewing these pencils but they were surprisingly good especially considering the price! They offer a 72 set of colored pencils, a 72 set of watercolor pencils and a combo set of both which makes the per set price a couple of dollars cheaper. The colors match across the sets meaning a #34 will be the exact same shade in the watercolor and regular wax pencil version which is a neat quality usually only seen in pricier pencils. They are available at Amazon and are under $30 a set at the time of recording my review. Affiliate links used.

Let’s look at the colored pencils set first!


  • Color selection Colors match by color and number with the watercolor line
  • Price (about 33 cents a pencil)
  • Layers well Saturated colors (although white is weak)
  • You can learn or practice with these with no hindrance of performance


  • No lightfast info
  • No open stock options
  • Pencil end color is not a perfect match to lead color

Bottom line: I recommend these pencils, they layer well and produce beautiful art. These would be suitable for beginners who want to learn on a less expensive supply before investing in a professional set or experienced artists who want a cheaper set for sketchbook work. At under $30 a set they are a super buy!

Now let’s look at the Pagos watercolor pencils:


  • Color selection Colors match by color and number with the colored pencil line
  • Price (about 33 cents a pencil)
  • Activates with water easily/dissolves easily
  • Lots of color payoff with a light touch
  • Saturated colors (although white is weak)
  • Lifts and blends easily


  • No lightfast info No open stock options

Bottom line: The colors are bright and beautiful. I recommend these to beginners and crafters such as cardmakers who are not concerned with lightfastness as well as sketchbook artists. The only downside to these is not knowing if they will fade when exposed to light so as long as you keep that in mind I recommend them. For under $30 for a set of 72, I am extremely impressed with this product.

I hope you enjoyed this review and til next time happy crafting!