Looking for Cheap Alcohol Brush Markers? Also a Bonus Livestream!

Hi friends! I decided to try the new livestream protocol on YouTube today. One of the reasons I haven’t streamed lately is because they changed the way it worked on the back end and tech stuff is not my forte but I had all of my watercolor palettes out and I thought it would be fun to organize my palettes and give a comparison and overview of them. I also thought it would be fun to have a visit and talk about paint. If you are interested to can watch/listen to it on my YouTube channel.

Now on to the brush marker review. I used the markers I am reviewing today to color this:

Watch the video for a full review!

Hi friends! Today we are taking a look at the new Caliico dual brush tip alcohol markers. These markers feature a chisel tip on one end and a felt style brush nib on the other.

Supplies (affiliate links used)


  • Price (about 58 cents a marker)
  • The carry case with hard plastic divided insert is nice.
  • Slow ink flow on the brush tip is useful for stampers coloring a small area.
  • Ink quality is good, solid lay down with no speckles


  • The brush tip is stiff and feels like it is going to fray easily
  • Slow ink flow makes working a large area frustrating.
  • Several colors are too similar which is a bummer in a set of 48 when every color needs to count.

Bottom line, These are a very inexpensive way to try brush markers but these are a transitional set at best. The nibs are not going to hold up to much use. You could refill these by number with Shinhan touch ink but you also have to factor in the expense of replacing nibs too if you want to go that route and that might make this a more expensive option in the long run compared to other inexpensive sets on the market. I think they are priced fairly but they wouldn’t be my first recommendation.

That’s all for today! Happy crafting!