You Asked For it! Real Time Watercolor Portrait Lesson!

Hi friends!  I always get a bit nervous when I post a tutorial that is over an hour-long on YouTube. People say they want in-depth lessons but people also see the length and don’t want to commit that amount of time to watch. I get it. I don’t get the dislikes on the video but that’s YouTube trolls for you, or maybe it is people saying that it’s too long. However I also got many requests on my Sketchbook Sunday time-lapse portrait for a real-time lesson so I decided to make a portrait painting that you can follow along with in real-time. It was longer than I wanted it to be but I think it is easy to follow. I truly hope you like it.


So if you were among the folks asking for a real-time portrait I hope you will try it.

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That’s all for today! If you enjoyed this tutorial please consider sharing it using one of the handing sharing buttons below. I hope you are having a lovely week and til next time happy crafting!


16 thoughts on “You Asked For it! Real Time Watercolor Portrait Lesson!

    1. Thank you for this video. I am not sure I am at this level, but I will be watching it as soon as I finish this comment! I enjoy all your videos. I like the watercolor ones best, but I still enjoy the card making and all the other media videos. Please keep posting videos!

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  1. Since we are watching to learn, I don’t understand why anyone would not watch a tutorial that is an hour or more long. Also, there is the option to start and stop as needed. I am not on Instagram, so I will state here that I don’t particularly want the sped up ones. I will watch any cardmaking or painting tutorial no matter the length. Thank you for doing these tutorials.


  2. I think it’s beautiful! Rome took some time. I just love your work. When I found you, by happenstance, I was negative 100 beginner who had taken a “class” for three years! I’m always inspired by you! Thanks! MR


  3. Thank you for a wonderful video on drawing and painting portraits. I always learn from your comments and explanations. You have a gift of making one think that it is always a good day when you learn how to apply paint so that the outcome looks beautiful!


  4. First time viewer, came from Marta (Maremi Small Art) and loved watching. The length was fine- otherwise we would have mi9ssed tips, techniques and when you used what color and / or medium. Really enjoyed your video!


  5. QUESTION Hi Lindsay love this lesson, My question is if you are painting someone with warm colors (green vanes lol) what color of green would you use


    1. I’d probably still mix with ultramarine and yellow ochre, it will be muted but give you the undertones in the shadows. Your cheeks and warm tones would be more coral than pink.


  6. I really think you should stop worrying about the length of your videos, Lindsey. If I do not have time or feel like watching everything, I just move the timeline forward on the video. But that happens so rarely! I would rather choose your tutorial over any tv series 🤩

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