Smart Art February Box Marker Play!

Hi friends! Today we are going to have a peek into the February Smart Art Box.


I am never sure what will come in these boxes but it is always a fun surprise to see what’s inside. I was pleased to see that they has some Chameleon Color Tops because I have the original set of 22 Chameleon pens (think alcohol based blendy-pens for grown-ups) and I struggled with them because they blend light to dark and I tend to work dark to light. I couldn’t resist grabbing my older markers to try with the new tops and I used the combination to make this fun sketch perfect for Easter.


Watch the video to learn more about the supplies in this months box and to see how I sketched a cute Easter chick!


This tutorial was sponsored by Smart Art! Find out more about their art subscription box here. They ship to many countries too! Currently I don’t see any leftover February boxes for sale at Smart Art but if any become available you can find them in the “past projects” section of the website.

I was pleased to see that there were Chameleon Color Tops and a Chameleon Pen in this months box as I had the original set of 22 which I reviewed here.

Below you will find links to the individual products I showcased. Affiliate links used at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

  • I like Chameleon Color Tones, they have an innovative product and the people who work there are lovely. There is a bit of a learning curve to these markers and color tops but they are fun to play with! The Color Tops add a fun new dimension.
  • I really liked the Strathmore marker paper that came in the kit, it is more like a cardstock then the typical thin marker paper most companies sell. If you are also a rubber stamper or mixed media artist I encourage you to try this as it is sturdy enough to go ona card and layer other media on. I also liked that I could use water based markers (and spread the ink with a wet brush) as well as alcohol markers (and lift the color with a blending marker) both equally as well. Most cardstocks are one or the other, this is fabulous! It comes in larger size pads too if you want to make bigger art.
  • Art Alternatives fineliners: These are really inexpensive pens but they write very smoothly and react with water.


I had fun playing with these supplies, I encourage you to try the techniques I shared with the supplies you have at home and if you think a monthly box of surprise art supplies would suit you check out Smart Art Box. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Class is OPEN! Drawing Supply GIVEAWAY! & Live Show Today {FRI-YAY!}

Edited to add giveaway winner: Congrats to Tara Chan who won the complete sketching set from Royal & Langnickel! Please check your email for details:)

Hi friends! The time has finally come! Learn to Draw with Lindsay is open for enrollment!  All the lessons are up in  the classroom and ready when you sign up! You can work through the lessons at your own pace and, as with all of my online classes, you get lifetime access!

This class contains nearly 8 hours of step by step video instruction to teach you the fundamentals of drawing. The first 10 lessons focus on charcoal and graphite and are designed to teach you to draw what you see.

You will learn how to:

  • Break a complex picture up to basic shapes
  • Turn basic shapes into three-dimensional forms by shading
  • See the difference between tonal values
  • Use linework to help your drawing
  • Draw scenes in correct perspective
  • Use negative space to accurately place your subject.
  • Start drawing today by employing techniques to turn off the inner critic and start creating!


Then we branch out into other drawing mediums that can help you make the leap from drawing to painting!


I have taught students of all ages to draw and you do not need “natural talent” to be successful. I created this class so anyone can learn to draw on their own schedule from the comfort of their home at a much lower price than my in-person classes. The regular price for this course is $79 but I want my faithful viewers to get the best price so I am offering it for half off this month. Use the coupon code DRAWME if the discounted price doesn’t show up. If you have painted for years but have struggled with the drawing or had to rely on patterns to get started this class is for you! If you are a homeschooling family wanting to broaden your art curriculum this class is for you! If you have a curious mind and want to experience the rewarding feeling of joy and satisfaction when you learn to draw what you see this class is for you to! Everyone is welcome in my classroom! Click here to find out more or enroll at 50% off today!

EDIT: If you are buying a payment plan use the coupon code DRAWMEX3 to get the discount on each payment.

SAM_5548 - Copy - Copy

To celebrate the launch of my new class I thought it would be fun to draw and paint with inexpensive chalk pastels. We will be painting an orchid on toded paper, you can use any shade of paper or cardstock you like but grey of soft blue would be especailly lovely for this. You can watch the live broadcast or replay in the player below but if you want to chat with fellow painters or ask me questions live be sure to tune in on the YouTube watch page at 12:30 ET today!


Giveaway time!!!

You only need a few basic supplies to take my new class. This set from Royal & Langnickel has everything you need for the first 10 lessons and they are giving a set away to one lucky reader! I will choose a winner at random from a comment left on this blog post! Due to shipping restrictions this giveaway is only open to USA and Canada residents. Thanks to Royal & Langnickel for providing the prize!


Lastly I want to thank you for your support as I was building Learn to Draw with Lindsay, your kind comments on Instagram and emails asking after the class made my day. I hope it meets your expectations because I know that you can learn to draw and create whatever wonderful artwork you put your mind to! Thanks for sharing in my excitement today and as always, happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday Episode #1

Hi friends! Today we are starting a new series called “Sketchbook Sunday” where I share a process video from my own personal sketchbook. I have developed the habit of getting up before other members of my family on sunday mornings, making coffee, putting on a podcast or audio book and working in my sketchbook.  I’d often share photos of my sketchbook work on Instagram later that day and many folks asked me if I had a video tutorial of the projects so last week I let the camera roll as I worked and then I took the footage and narrated it.


I hope you enjoy this time-lapse and more than that I hope you make a bit of time every week to work in your sketchbook too:)

Supplies I used:

Speaking of sketching I am working on a new online drawing course. Here is a sneak peek!


My new drawing class will be in my online school on March 9th 2018. Stay tuned for an exclusive discount offer for current viewers!  Drawing and sketching can provide so much happiness and satisfaction and I am so excited to help people learn how to draw!  Have a great day and til next time happy crafting!

Easy-Peasy Watercolor Pencil Project: Carnations!


Hi friends! I have had a lot of requests for watercolor pencil projects lately so I though I’d whip up an easy, beginner real-time project for you.


You only need 4 basic colors that should be in most sets of 12. I wanted it to be accessible to everyone and also I think it is smart to try a limited supply project if you are new to a media so you can see if you like it before spending a lot of money on supplies. All you need is a red, yellow, blue and green, cool huh? Watch the video to see how I did this (and how you can too!)

The great thing about a recorded video is that you can speed it up or slow it down or pause if needed so you can go at your own pace.


I made a playlist of my watercolor pencil projects if you like the media and want to learn more.


There are many great brands of watercolor pencils out there but the best ones are the ones you already have so break them out of the box and play! If you don’t have any yet the Spectrum Aquablend ones I used in the video are very good and affordable.  The other thing I like about the Spectrum Aquablends is that if you start with the primary set and love them you can buy other sets and there are no duplications between the sets of 24 as opposed to other brands where if you buy the 12 set and then get a bigger set you end up with 12 doubles. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Real time Macaroons in Colored pencils…or is it Macarons?

Hi friends! I just love the beautiful pastel shades of macaroons…er macarons?


Sometimes art takes time. I recorded this tutorial a couple of weeks ago and have been fretting over whether to keep it long and in real-time or to speed it up. I decided to keep it in real-time so people could paint along with me and learn a bit more about their humble colored pencils.

Sponsored by Smart Art!  get a box of full-sized art supplies delivered to your door every month.


  • Bruynzeel Expression set of 12 (basic primary/secondary colors)
  • Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook
  • Finetec Blending Pencil
  • Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencils
  • Pencil Shapener
  • Reference photo

This was a fun box and I totally enjoyed the Fabriano sketchbook! This is a pricey sketchbook so I am so glad they included it in this box as I would be unlikely to take a chance on it or even be aware of it otherwise. I am happy to report that the paper was wonderful for watercolor too! Check out my post on Friday to see how it handled watercolors. I also did this sketch yesterday in colored pencils and watercolor. The pages are robust enough to use both sides!


I hope you enjoyed today’s video and til next time happy crafting!


A quick sketch with new alcohol pens

Hi friends! I have been waiting months to share a sketch I did with some new markers. I am fortunate to have to opportunity to occasionally test new products and offer feedback before they are released to the public for purchase. I get to share what’s great (or not so great) about a supply with a manufacturer so they can see if the product is ready for market or not and avoid disappointed customers or costly mistakes. I had no qualms with these markers, they were rich, juicy and comfy to use! Here is a sketch I did with the new pens, they are the Azure alcohol markers by Royal & Langnickel.


You can’t see it in the tutorial but they also come in plastic trays that stack and can be reused as storage. I haven’t seen the markers online for purchase yet but they are being shipped to stores as we speak so now I can show them to you!


I added a bit of white gel pen and colored pencil over the markers as shown in the video. Colored pencil does not like to grab to marker paper so the effect was subtle and sheer. That’s all I have for today, I just wanted to pop in quickly and share this sketch! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

New Vs. Old Prismacolor Colored Pencils {Comparison and Review}

Hi friends! I have a product review, demo and comparison for you today. After hearing a lot of complaints from people who said Prismacolors were not as good as they used to be I decided to compare a brand new set to some colors I had for the 1980’s and 1990’s. I have always loved my Prismacolor pencils but was hesitant to recommend them after hearing other people’s experience with the new ones made by Newell Rubbermaid in Mexico.


*Disclosure, I bought the pencils I am using.

I picked up the 23 pencil Magna set to test because is currently $7.66 I didn’t want to buy a big set in case they were bad quality.  The larger sets have been really cheap lately on Amazon. The 72 set is probably the best deal at $24 but they have sets from 12 to 150 pencils. This is the toned tan sketch pad I used. Watch the video to see how the new pencils compare to the tried and true pencils from yesteryear.


Prismacolors pencils are known for their smooth, creamy waxy lead that is more opaque than other colored pencils. They blend well. The downsides to these pencils is that the fragile lead can shatter in the pencil and break whenever you use it. Also the wood casing have been known to separate and crack. The complaint of the new Prismacolors were that the leads were not centered so they broke more easily and some say the pencils are less pigmented.  What I found was the lead was the same quality as the lead in my pencils from the 90s and 80s but I found the lead size to be a bit thinner, maybe to reduce breakage. I noticed some of the newer pencils had off-center leads. The new pencils come pre sharpened and I think that may be a way to check them for breakage before they leave the factory. Back in the “olden” days we would glue out pencil stub to a fresh pencil and keep on truckin’ so no pencil was wasted but this is not possible with the new pencils.

Bottom line: I did not notice a major quality difference between the new and old pencils. I DO think that when Rubbermaid first took over the line they sent out some shoddy product but I would say after the new set I purchased that they have worked out the kinks. Making the lead slightly thinner and pre sharpening the pencils have probably solved a lot of breakage issues that other artists complained of. The prices of these pencils are about half what I paid in the 90’s for the majority of mine and I think it is a great deal. I assume when Prismacolor earns back the trust of the consumer the prices will return to what they were. For now tho I recommend grabbing them if you see a good deal! I hope this comparison helped you! Happy crafting!

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