More spools of thread (in more ways than one!)

Hi Friends! Thanks for the tips on dealing with slippery fabric yesterday. They really helped! Both dresses are hemmed and look pretty decent. I did a lot of practice hemming before I touched Lil’s dress as it was more slippery than Maizys and I could tell it would be more challenging to make it look polished. I really had my heart set on mastering a teeny rolled hem with my rolled hem pressure foot but the curve of the hem proved too challenging. I carefully trimmed the excess fabric and practiced on the entire length of the scrap (17 feet!) but I could not keep that darn fabric tucked in the cone of the foot unless it was a straight length of fabric. So I settled for a 1/4″ rolled hem and it looked fine. I’m telling you if I ever decide to make some handkerchiefs or dinner napkins I will use that rolled hem foot and they will be 1/8″ perfection! Speaking of sewing I drew spools for today’s video:

You might remember me showing you this artwork during my Holbein colored pencil review. It was a fairly quick piece (quicker than hemming a prom dress, that’s for sure!) Here is the time-lapse.

Here is the reference photo if you want it. I worked directly from the items but snapped a photo with my phone for you. I would recommend setting up your own still life if you have threads and buttons for the best results.

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Spiking of quicker than prom dress hemming projects I decided to sew a new cover for Penny’s dog bed before I put my sewing machine away. Also I needed a quick win so in 10 minutes I whipped up this with some leftover décor fabric. I think it looks cute and sewing cotton after satin was a freaking breeze!

Penny likes it too. She had made some small holes in the fabric of her bed because the likes to aggressively fluff it up at night and her claws have poked through. I don’t know why companies use such flimsy materials for dog beds. This bed is a nice (expensive) orthopedic one so I really want it to last so I hope this does the trick. Plus I can wash the cover which is nice since I don’t think I could put the bed in the washing machine. I am glad I took my time with the dress projects. We are having a rainy holiday weekend in Maine so it was a good excuse to get it done. It probably wouldn’t have needed to take as long as it did but I was so worried about ruining the dresses which probably would have happened if I waited til last minute and had to rush given my lack of experience with satin. I’ll share photos next week after prom! Til next time happy crafting!

Learn to Draw Succulents in Colored Pencil!

Hi friends! It’s March 1st and it is pouring rain in Maine. In like a lion and out like a lamb they say, tomorrow it is supposed to be very cold with a wind chill of -15! Crazy huh? Speaking on March I have a new monthly prompt in Critique Club as well as a real time version of this tutorial posted so check it out if you are a member. If you are not a member but would like to be we would love for you to join! It’s $5 a month and you get access to 52 longer and more advanced tutorials (with 2 more added every month!) in a variety of media as well as the opportunity to post your work for critique from me. Lean more or sign up here.

Now, on to the timelapse!

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These drawing were so much fun to do and very relaxing. I hope you enjoyed it and til next time happy crafting!

Learn to Draw a Sumac Leaf in Marker and Colored Pencil

Hi friends! Today I have a leaf drawing and coloring tutorial for you. We will use toned paper which reduced the look of streaks and choppy blending.

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That’s all for today! I was sewing some masks yesterday and decided I wanted to reorganize my sewing supplies since I recently cleared out some drawers. I think that will be a fun afternoon project! Maybe I’ll film it, interested?

Til next time, happy crafting!

Strawberry Season (Sketchbook Sunday)

Hi friends! Today’s prompt for World Watercolor Month is “Favorite Color” and mine is crimson red so I decided to paint these strawberries!

You can find the 1hr 44min narrated tutorial for this painting in Critique Club under June 2020 bonus project #1. In case you haven’t heard, Critique Club is a membership group where you can upload up to 2 painting you are working on per month for an in-depth critique from me. My goal is to help you grow and improve as artists! I also post 2 long narrated tutorials per month for members that tend to be on the intermediate/advanced side. You also get access to all the past tutorials (37 in all so far!) so you will have inspiration for miles and it’s only $5 per month. Learn more or sign up here. Thank you for your support!

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Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday: Raspberry

Hi friends! It’s amazing how fast the trees change this time of year. It seems like only days ago the trees were bare and now I walk the dog through the woods and everything is green, even the wild raspberry bushes along the trails. It is such a mood boost to see green leaves, flowering trees and to feel the warm sun on your face. With that summery feeling in mind I present today’s sketchbook Sunday time lapse!

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That’s it for me today. I have several videos I haven’t had a chance to blog on my YouTube channel if you missed them and need an art/craft fix. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday Sabrina Fan Art!

Hi friends! Today I am drawing a mixed media portrait of Sabrina Spellman (aka Sabrina Morningstar) from the Netflix show The Chilling Tales of Sabrina. This character is originally from the Archie comics and I absolutely love the new show!

Honestly, I’m not really happy with how this turned out but that’s life, sometimes you love your work and other times it’s meh. You always learn something though and often it is in the work we are not happy with that we learn the most. I hope you enjoy the time-lapse.

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I think the best way to spend winter is by staying inside and painting! Maybe I’ll see you in one of my classes! I just realized that it’s Groundhogs Day and I think he predicts an early spring, I hope so but until them you can find me inside painting. How about you? Happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday: A Pair of Pears

Hi friends! I went to visit my sister last week and my nephew picked me these pears from her pear tree. They were sitting on my windowsill and I thought they were to pretty to eat at least until I got a chance to paint them (they were delicious by the way!)

You can find the 1 hour and 25 minutes real-time tutorial in Critique Club. Critique Club is a membership group that allows you to upload 2 original paintings per month for an in-depth critique from me and gives you two intermediate/advanced long tutorials each month. Members also have access to past real-time tutorials posted for Critique Club Members. Critique Club costs $5 a month and you can cancel anytime. If you want to grow as an artist and have access to more advanced tutorials please check it out:)

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I hope you enjoyed this Sketchbook Sunday time-lapse! Remember the real time tutorial can be found in Critique Club and members get access to all past Critique Club tutorials as well so there will be lots to keep you creating! I am enjoying seeing my artists grow in the group and I’d love to have you join us. Thanks for your support! Happy crafting!

What should I do with these wood slices?

Hi friends! I have had a crazy week and one of the calming projects I worked on to center myself was stamping and coloring on these wood slices.


I tested out Prismacolor (left), Arteza (center), and Polychromos (right) and surprisingly the least expensive pencils did the best and didn’t wear down as quickly as the other two.


I can see why coloring books are so popular! I chose some large open images so they would stamp well on the wood and so they would be big enough to get in there and color with my pencils. I got a box of 45 wood slices so I am wondering if you have any ideas to help me use the rest up. I am using the ones I colored here as coasters. I want to see how they hold up without sealer on them because sometimes if you seal a coater it sticks to a cup. I figured if it could absorb a bit of moisture it would be good. They would also make unusual gift tags and ornaments too (Although I admit I often lose steam on a project if I have to finish the backside as well LOL!)


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I like that this project gave me some relaxation during a high anxiety time for me and I got to use some stamps that I have not had out in a while. If you have any tips on using up the rest please let me know! I have a feeling I am entering a high-stress season of life and I’ll take all the calming help I can get! Happy crafting!