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Hi friends! I like making cards. I see it as a positive hobby where the fruits of your labor can be enjoyed twice: You get enjoyment making it and then you get joy sending it and another person get’s joy receiving it. I guess that’s 3 times! Many of us have expectations for our cards beyond those 3 joys and that’s what I am talking about today. BTW if you ever get a card from me you have my blessing to discard it whenever you like;)

Don’t let your {or others) expectations dim your light or tarnish your hobby. Make and send cards because that’s why you bought the supplies to begin with and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I wouldn’t mind getting a card from you. And no, I wouldn’t throw it away cause it would be special to me. But I’d be tickled pink to get a personal email even, LoL.

    I hope you and yours are staying warm. We have been a bit colder than normal but still alot more tolerable than you are.
    Take care and God bless.

    Sincerely Becky B from Arkansas


  2. I send a lot of cards to people in my church. I started writing my personal note inside on a sticky note and including an extra blank envelope inside my slightly larger handmade envelope, so the recipient can easily reuse the card by sending it to someone else. Many people have expressed how much they love being able to do that.

    One time a friend even sent the same anniversary card back to me that I had given to her several months previously. She said that I should be on the receiving end of a pretty handmade card, too! It was one of my favorite cards and I was absolutely delighted that she so thoughtfully sent it back to me!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  3. A card in the mail is so much more personal than good wishes sent via a text…IMHO too many occasions that we are lead to believe require cards are “hallmark inventions”…if you have many cards, drop them off at a nursing home, children’s residential facility, homeless shelters, women shelters (probably through organizations that help protect women)… why would anyone buy an expensive card (which may be tossed) ? Add that cost to the gift card instead…just a few thoughts…🥴


  4. I MAKE cards because I enjoy the process and it makes me happy. I SEND cards because it makes the recipients happy. When I get a personal note in the mail, it makes me smile so I’m pretty sure that’s what happens to others. And I really like sending cards for no reason, like “thinking of you” cards. Because it’s unexpected, that really makes people happy.

    It doesn’t bother me if people throw my cards away. When a gift is given, it is no longer yours.

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  5. Wise words thanks



  6. Thanks for the reminder, Lindsay! I’ve lost my joy in card making because of other expectations. I need to get back to making them just for the joy of it.

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  7. I love to make and send cards to friends and family. I also donate a bunch to different causes. I get a lot of feedback on how much they are appreciated. I don’t worry about them getting thrown away – let’s face it, sooner or later they have to go. If they bring delight to someone for a few moments, it’s worth it. The thing that really makes me sad, though, is many people, especially younger generations, are just not into sending or receiving cards these days.

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  8. I think I’m more concerned about people who never say thank you.


  9. I so agree. Back in the day, probably before you were born, I was a pretty good basket weaver. Sold quite a few. Made a special egg basket for MIL only to have her shove in back of a closet. Talk about being offended. But then I was even more offended when she happily returned it because it didn’t blend with her “ elegant” decor. While bitching about all this to a good friend who graciously allowed me to rant before correcting me, I stood corrected. My friend, lovingly, but bluntly, let me know that gifts are given away completely, no strings attached. She also asked me about the “elegant” decor and I had to admit that her decor was very elegant, especially compared to mine. She had spent years collecting gorgeous European and Asian items. My friend asked if I had considered that in my gift giving. I had not.

    I was so wrong to be offended. Now when I give something, handmade or otherwise, I am totally open to whatever the recipient does. If someone gives their do a throw quilt made by me, im okay. I should know they value their dog as much as I do mine before starting the project. Thanks to a wonderful friend opening my eyes I now give a gift with no expectations whatever. And what a relief that is for me.


    • This comment made me THINK. When I watch how small children are, receiving and giving presents, I think we lost something by and by while growing up. Small children are SO happy the minute they get a present and don’t waste any thoughts about if a present is perfect or not and what they intend to do with it. They also have so much fun in giving presents too. It seems to be more like a social interaction than a matter of materialism.
      Anyway, from now on I’m going to copy Lindsay’s trick of writing my notes onto a separate sheet of paper instead of onto the card so the card can be reused, no matter if I made the card myself or bought it. That way the card can be reused or kept and either way it can be considered a compliment or not.


  10. I love watercoloring and personalizing cards. And I have had many compliments. It also keeps me thinking about a particular design for a particular person. My mother was in assisted living and I made sure she received a new card every week. It gave her something to look forward to.


  11. this post was so timely, my sister and I had just been discussing how much work we put into cards and then are reluctant to send them out to people whom we think will not keep them. Thank you so much for reminding us that it’s the joy of making the cards and giving the cards and that momentary Joy of someone receiving it. As always you’re right on, I think you’re wonderful Lindsay.

    On Mon, Jan 14, 2019, 1:03 PM The Frugal Crafter Blog thefrugalcrafter posted: ” Hi friends! I like making cards. I see it as a > positive hobby where the fruits of your labor can be enjoyed twice: You get > enjoyment making it and then you get joy sending it and another person > get’s joy receiving it. I guess that’s 3 times! Many ” >


  12. I hope for a fourth enjoyment of my cards, I don’t write in my cards, I include a separate note with each card. I include a PS that the card was not written on so that they may reuse the card if they wish.

    Many people appreciate and take advantage of this opportunity. Others may not, but that is ok with me too. I enjoyed the making of the card.


  13. I make more cards than I can send because it’s just in me that I gotta make cards. I enjoy the process. If someone has ever said how much they appreciate my handmade cards I make sure that’s all I ever send them. If they’ve never commented that they like my cards, I’m OK with sending them a store bought one every once in a while. I don’t expect the recipient to keep the card forever. Once it delivers joy, sympathy or encouragement, my job is done. BTW I like the color of your lipstick.

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  14. I think that giving a homemade card to someone definitely shares joy. I think of the card as a gift, and even if it is wrapped and tied with a bow, there are no strings attached. There is as much joy in the giving, as in the receiving. The receiver not only has this beautiful card but also lots of choices-from keeping, resending, framing, repurposing, tossing, painting over, using as a grocery list, etc.
    Making a card is similar to baking and decorating a homemade cake. You hope that the recipient will admire the colorful icing and enjoy eating the dessert. My advice is do not eat a card, and do not put the cake in your bedroom closet.


  15. Thank you for the comments about handpainted cards I give away about 50 cards a year, a big part of my blessing & joy is to share the talent that God has blessed me with. What the receiver does with my card never crossed my mind. If it brightens their day for only a moment it’s worth all the time I spent on painting it. Most of the time I was told that they framed my card . So give those cards away you will be blessed 10x over. L Clare


  16. Thanks for this post. I never want anyone to feel obligated to keep a card, I just hope they enjoy receiving them. This is my hobby and I love it; but I don’t keep every card I’ve ever received.


  17. I love making cards and love when I hear they have every card I ever made. I guess I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t it’s up to them. I do keep ones that I get from people and they made them. I would keep your card if I ever got one from you.


  18. I agree. I really enjoy making cards, not always in time but I do enjoy making them and sending them. My favorite part is that I’m not stacking up pretty or funny little pieces of my work in piles that no one will ever see. If they throw them away it’s okay it’s so much better than them just being in a pile. I just hope they enjoyed them when they arrived. That is my goal. Unless you’re my mother I’m not expecting anyone to keep them forever. If you put it a frame because you like it that much great but otherwise…. do as you will.


  19. Interesting topic. I always tell people that they can throw away my cards, it’s only paper.


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