It’s OK not to have one of everything! {A card recipe: feel free to substitute:)

Hi friends, today I have acard background recipe for you: Distress Oxides + Color Burst + Gesso = Fun Inky Cards! It is so easy to fall into the “gotta have its!” when we see a new product that we jump in and buy a complete line before we take the time to think if it really suits us or if you have something already in your stash that will do the same thing. Many expensive mistakes can be avoided if we build our collection slowly and exhaust the possibility of a supply before trying something else. By proceeding in this way we can avoid the overwhelm of being confronted with a room full of media we don’t know how to use. Also we can avoid the regret that comes from spending money on a full set of something that we really don’t like. We all know how hard it is to let go of something we paid a lot of money for right? So with this theme in mind I want you to use what you have to create these fun inky backgrounds today. If I am using something you don’t have, find something similar. If you want to try the exact stuff I am using (like a Distress Oxide ink pad or gel printing plate) just try a couple of your favorite colors and see how they suit you rather than the entire line (trust me, they will be there when you decide if you like them or not.) I can hear the protests already “But it’s a better deal if I buy the entire set and if I end up buying the whole set then I’ll have two duplicates!” And yes, that is kind of true if you are really going to use every color, but more often that not you will probably only love half the colors in a line so why buy ones you won’t use that much? You are spending extra money, space and time to maintain these things. If you buy a complete set you might not bother to see how they work with the supplies you already own For instance the Distress Oxides work great with regular Distress ink and I’d never know that if I wasn’t limited in colors and wanted brighter hues. Full disclosure I ended up collecting the entire line (by purchase and gift) because they really suited me. I am waiting to buy reinkers until the pads are used up to make sure they still add value to my creative process. I think we all face the “fear of missing out” and we buy in a state of panic that we won’t be able to get something because it will be sold out or become more expensive but let me tell you if it keeps selling they will keep making it!


Speaking of fear in our cardmaking…If you are afraid when you create you will be leery of wasting supplies. We tend to collect and hoard and then we become overwhelmed or even worse we forget what we have. The gel printing plate I am using today was a “had to have it, yet to use it” item I bought when it first came out. Why have I been saving it? You can’t use it up. I put it in a drawer safe in the knowledge that I can access it whenever I like but never did. Crazy huh? Just think of the treasures we could find if we just shopped our stash! In today’s video I am going to show you how to mix up supplies and make interesting artsy backgrounds and also how to look at your rubber stamps in new ways to increase their versatility, I hope you play along!


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Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:

Other Supplies:

Directions: Watch the video and then grab the supplies you have and make some ink backgrounds! Don’t get overwhelmed, just have fun! After all, it’s just a piece of paper!


5 Do’s & Donts for inky backgrounds!

1. Do try making backgrounds using the supplies you already have. If a new product peaks your interest try one or two colors before purchasing the whole set to see if it suits you.

2. Don’t worry about making a mess or wasting supplies. You can use cheap white cardstock cut into quarters for your inky backgrounds. Then trim and mount the great ones to cards made of heavyweight cardstock.

3. Do use lots of adhesive when mounting the inky papers. You can even weight it with a book if it wants to warp.

4. Don’t overlook the cool stencils in your stash, you don’t have to use polka dots, take the idea and make it your own!

5. Do trusts your instincts and pick colors and images you like because it’s your art after all!


I realize you may think it’s funny that I am urging you not to go crazy over-buying supplies on a sponsored blog post but I love this hobby and for it to be sustainable we need to find value and get use from the products we buy. If we stock up but never use these treasures it is a total waste. We need to pace ourselves and learn what our own style is (not what the cool crafters on YouTube are doing) or we will end up with drawers full of supplies that we don’t really like. This blog post and video was inspired by some critical comments on my YouTube channel where some viewers complained about the colors I chose for various projects. It’s easy to swap a color for one you prefer and I want to give you permission to do that, or use a whole different product all together. You don’t need to copy a project exactly for it to be good or meaningful, in fact it’s better to add your own style and spice to it! Vive la différence! You do you and it will be fabulous! Thanks for taking the time to read though my long pep talk (rant?) and as always continue the discussion in the comments below. I am really enjoying our conversations lately! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “It’s OK not to have one of everything! {A card recipe: feel free to substitute:)

  1. Love those cards you created. Great video. You also made me laugh (at myself) when you wrote about “saving” things we love instead of using them. I’ve been guilty of that – not very smart!


  2. I am taking your use or purge series to heart. I am currently clearing out things I don’t use and getting ready for a big move next year and believe me! I can attest that it is the absolute hardest thing to part with things you purchased, but will never, ever use. Lesson learned, I hope! I am now incorporating things into my art, or, OUT THEY GO! =) Thanks again for the encouragement.


  3. Well, I love that color combo and never expected it to look this nice. You often pick colors I first think: “Gosh, how is THAT going to look?” and then it ends up looking so wonderful I use it for something else. I thought the orange would dominate the whole thing because the turquoise makes it pop so much but it doesn’t, maybe because you used more blue and green.

    I bought so much watercolor paper (sales!) by and by I could paint as long as I’m still breathing and still have some left. Every time you talk about using up material instead of hoarding it I grab a new block and decide to try it out. I think when I had less stash I actually used it more, I know this sounds crazy but it’s true. I guess I didn’t have enough to NOT use ….

    Thanks for the pep talk!

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    1. I thik it is easier to create when we have less because there are fewer decisions to make. I also have a large watercolor paper stash due to sales, now I make myself use some up before trying new brands so I will have room to store it. At least it keeps well is stored in a dry enviroment:)


      1. I think you’re right there …. I used to live in London as a kid and had to wear a school uniform. I didn’t have to decide what to wear every morning and watch out not to wear something over and over again although it was my favorite blouse or whatever. It sure made life easy! Especially if you aren’t an early bird.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if I find out I still have lots of watercolor paper I don’t even WANT to use anymore because I have so many newer purchases I prefer! I might want to hand the whole load on to somebody starting out in watercolors so they can save the money buying it just to try it out. Or keep a few of it to use for color swatches and pass the rest on …

        The vacuum on my shelves might scare me for a while …..


  4. Thanks Lindsay…needed the reminder!!! Moved from a home to a one-bedroom apartment in a Non-Profit Continuing Care Retirement Community recently and HAD to downsize…ha ha – still have enough to last another 20-30 years! Crafters are truly amazing in this…my husband used to say…well, you made $500 this year, but you spent $5,000! Oh so true, but cheaper than therapy or golfing, etc. Miss hearing him tell me this at tax time…so now I have you to remind me! Thanks again Lindsay.
    Paper Hugs,


  5. Oh wow, those backgrounds were wonderful. Can’t wait to try them. Trying hard not to run out and get everything you are using. Thanks for the reminder to give it a go with you stash first, maybe just the metallic thread and one oxide😊


  6. I think its great that you take the time to encourage us in using what we have. I have followed alot of your videos, and am able to come up with similar items that I can use. I never thought of what or how to use some of my stuff, so it causes me to actually be creative with what I have. I have bought items just because I heard the name, and its for crafting. Still not sure what to do with it!! Thanks Lindsay for sharing your insite with us…keep it comming, kay. Oh, and I did go thru my stash, and have a box to donate, and organized everything.


  7. Thank you for your pep talk! I so fall into the trap of thinking I have to have everything all at once and consequently I have a lot of supplies in my stash I’ve never used and now don’t remember the project that inspired their purchase. What you said seems so obvious yet there are some of us who just have the compulsive tendency and need those little reminders to bring us back to reality! LOL Thank you again.


  8. You are absolutely right! Put your own finger prints on your art. It’s more fun and challenging to substitute materials and come up with your own spin on the technique.

    Having said that, I just loved the background papers you created and what you did with them. I always learn something new from your videos. Thank you for sharing your talent.


  9. I love watching your videos for inspiration and learning new techniques. It is so much more rewarding to choose your own colors and put your own spin on your own work. It makes it more authentic, in my opinion. I look forward to all your vid’s and hope to see many more.


  10. When I first discovered your site I started binge watching your Ask a Crafter series. I think it was Kathy (?) who referred to her art supply museum and it got me thinking about my huge supply of stuff that I was afraid to use. First I got everything well organized (made lots of foam core shelves – thanks for that tip ) Then I discovered that card making is a great way to try out new techniques and experiment with supplies. The smaller area is not so intimidating and when it all goes horribly wrong, well it’s just a small sheet of card stock and I don’t feel so bad about tossing it. It took a while, but I am finally using my stuff, instead of just admiring it.

    As for that tiny percentage of your viewers who like to complain, they should just go somewhere else if they don’t like your choice of colors or design. Like Pamela, I too have sometimes watched one of your videos and thought “how is that color combination possibly going to work out?” and then you add a few touches and the final product is amazing.


  11. Thank you, Lindsay for staying true to yourself (and us) over all these zillions of crafting videos, and lessons. You are the voice of reason in the crafting world. True creativity comes from using what is at your fingertips and exploring different things you can do with it. You ground me – as scary as that sounds, LOL.


  12. Thank you for the pep talk. It is so easy to click the buy button because all the supplies I don’t have look so great. In pursuit of the new stuff I forget how much fun it is to use the supplies in my stash! Your encouragement is helpful!


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