Chameleon Color Tone Pencil Review {Are They Worth the $$$?}

Hi friends! Today we will take a look at the new Chameleon color tone pencils.

They are dual ended pencils that have 2 shades of the same color on each pencil so all you have to do is flip the pencil around to shade your image.
Cost: $50

  • Easy to use
  • Blends well
  • Little wax “bloom”
  • Highly pigmented
  • Opaque
  • Quicker coloring due to the fact the coordinating shade/highlight color are on one pencil
  • High quality
  • Price (25 pencils = 50 colors-about $1 per color)
  • Strong lead resists breaking
  • Layers well
  • Smooth laydown
  • Intense color can be varied with pressure of coloring
  • Nice packaging serves as a storage caddy so you can see all of your colors when working.


  • Only 25 pencils available for a total of 50 colors
  • Currently no open stock available (they do offer open stock for their markers as well as replacement nibs and ink refills so maybe they will offer open stock pencils in the future)
  • No lightfast rating given (Although the pencils are made from the¬†Breviller company in Austria and is known for quality, it would be nice to have this info though but it is often left out for products aimed at the craft market vs. fine art market.

Watch the video demonstration to see them in action!

These are a medium/hard colored pencil. They are not “creamy” like a prismacolor or as soft as a polychromos. They are wax based but not as waxy as others and burnishing produces very little bloom. These are semi opaque and are nice if you want to color on dark cardstock as well as light. Colors dissolve well with solvent.

Bottom line: I like these for quick and easy coloring. I would still probably take the time to pull out my Coloursoft, prismacolor or Polychomos pencils if I was doing a large serious artwork but for cardmaking and papercrafting I would reach for these first because they are space and time-saving. I like them:)

You can find Chameleon Color tones pencils as well as all of their markers on their website. Click “buy” and select your country and you can get the products worldwide.
In the USA the prices are a bit better on Amazon. They have good prices on their markers too.

You can find the stamp set I used from TopFlight Stamps. Use coupon code thefrugalcrafter10 to save 10% on your order!

What do you think? Are they worth the money? I think they are great for portability and for keeping 50 colors on hand in a small space. They are a bit harder than I like but that keeps them from breaking as easily, again making them portable. Let me know what you think in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

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