Why I didn’t “Yard Sale” My Unwanted Craft Stuff

Hi friends! I have been decluttering for 5 months now. It is amazing the amount of things we hold onto for “someday” or “just in case.” I honestly thought was done decluttering my craft stuff back in April but what that did was clear my mind so I could start to see past the fog of my excess. All that stuff takes up space in your head so I needed to make space in my craft room to make space in my mind. For that reason I needed to get rid of a massive amount of stuff quickly. Many people,asked me why I didn’t have a yard sale or sell my items online. I’ll explain why in today’s video!


I was so against the thought of trying to sell my excess (and the time involved) that I didn’t even post the declutter video until after I had given away all of the stuff. I know my weakness and that is seeing the potential in everything that could possibly be used for art so the longer those discard boxes sat around the more tempted I would be to put items back in my craft room.

I am not thumbing my nose at money by not having a yard-sale or to say that my time is more valuable than someone who would choose to do a yard sale. Heck, many people love the community aspect of it, haggling over prices and visiting with customers and there is nothing wrong with that at all, if it adds value to your life do it! I just know what is right for me, I am never going to get what I think the items are worth, the money is already spent and my time is a truly finite resource that I am very protective of and want to spend wisely. As always I welcome your thoughts in the comments below! Happy crafting!

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