Stamp School 17: Simple Silhouettes!

Hi friends! If you have never made a card before OR need a quick elegant card OR want to learn how to use tricky silhouette stamps this lesson is for you!


Silhouette stamps make a big impact and they can make a quick card too since you don’t need to color anything in. They are also very versatile, if I took this gingko tree silhouette stamp and heat embossed it in white iridescent powder on silver cardstock it would be an elegant wedding card. You can also use any colors to completely change the look for any occasion. Silhouettes equal quick but it can be a bit tricky getting the ink to transfer properly. I will help you overcome that with this video! The stamps I am using today are from our sponsor Art Neko, mention “Thefrugalcrafter” to save 10% on any order or get free shipping on orders over $50. You can use whatever discount is greater!

Now, even pros make mistakes, after I made this card I realized that the bottom clump of leaves was a separate stamp on the plate LOL! You are actually supposed to cut that stamp off so you can stamp on more foliage if you want. Well, I still think it looks great!

Cardstock in black and shades of green (or color of your choice)
Ink in black and green (or color of your choice)
Stamps: Bonsai Tree Silhouette, Leaf
Round paper clip

1. Stamp focal image on colored cardstock that is the same color as card base.
2. Cut a piece of black the same size as stamped panel.
3. Layer a lighter shade of the same color of card on the card base, then adhere the back piece and then offset the stamped panel.
4. Cut a slit for the ribbon 1/2″ from the bottom of the card, insert the ribbon and wrap around card and tie the ends to a round paperclip.

Try this the next time you need a quick card. Happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. Great quick card. I think the silhouette stamps are wonderful. I have a few and use them a lot. Nice tip about the ribbon going through a slip in the card seam.


  2. I liked the idea of the slit in the center of the card to work the ribbon through. Both stamps worked very well together. Thank you!


  3. Very nice fall card. You always do such a great job and come up with simple, yet beautiful designs.


  4. Beautiful card love the design of the tree!!


  5. Always forget about those clips…good use of yours!


  6. Stamp manufacturers suggest we stamp off a new stamp 12 to 15 times first to fully condition it and remove some of the oils associated with manufacturing. Then if you still have issues getting a clear image, use a sanding block (Tim Holtz’s is great) and gently sand the stamp. If you still have problems getting a clear, crisp image then lightly cover the stamp with glycerin and stamp it off a few times more. Doing these steps has helped me use more of the stamps I originally found very frustrating. Lindsay — you rock!


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