Crafting on Clear! & Another Giveaway!

Hi friends! Is it prize week or what around here? I like it! Tonight up for grabs is a $20 gift voucher from Punch Place Plus, an amazing supplier of clear acrylic shapes you can use for ornaments, key chains, jewelry, ATCs, Home Decor and more! There is a cute mason jar shape that is so fabulous, it is on my “next to use” list! For a chance to win simply visit Punch Place Plus and tell me what products you would buy with your winnings in the comments below! Make sure to have a look around because they have much more than clear shapes!


I wanted to play with this product to see what we could do with the clear shapes (they also have translucent colors and mirror shapes too!) and the possibilities are limitless! I mean, they are clear so you can do anything to them, ink them, paint them, stencil, engrave them, bend and shape them and even punch holes in them. You can decoupage and embellish them too. I have a great time experimenting with them today and I want to share what I learned in this video!



  • Acrylic Shapes from Punch Place Plus
  • Alcohol ink
  • Acrylic paint/brushes
  • Brass and plastic stencils
  • Stencil paste/palette knife
  • Jewelry screw hole punch (or drill with tiny bit)
  • Heat gun
  • Creative Hot Marks (or wood burner/stencil cutter)
  • Patterned Scrapbook paper
  • Adhesive: Mod Podge, Becon 3-in-1
  • For the Jewelry you will want beads, artistic wire, stretch cord and metal filigree. Let me know if you would like tutorials on finishing the jewelry I made here. It is pretty easy but I a happy to do some if you want me too! 😀


Now you can punch, bend, color, and decorate clear acrylic shapes and I am betting you have even more ideas on how to use them. With Christmas coming up I think they would be lovely black slates to make beautiful ornaments. If you would like to win a $20 gift voucher from Punch Place Plus just leave a comment and tell me what YOU would buy if you won. Feel free to shop while you are there, there are a lot of nice things. I can’t wait to hear your ideas though, you guys inspire me so much. I will pick a winner in one week! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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