My Fall Porch Display and Centerpiece DIY!

Hi friends! Last weekend I shared my Dollar Tree haul complete with items I bought to decorate my front porch. I also bought some hay bales, mum, cornstalks and pumpkins to complete the look.


I filmed a porch tour and DIY for Home and Garden for Mere Mortals, it was a lot of fun, here’s the video!

I really had fun decorating the porch this year, I usually reserve the major decorating for right before Halloween but I am glad that I started early so I can enjoy this all season. Here are some photos if you want a closer look at anything.

SAM_3916 SAM_3918 SAM_3914

Full disclosure on the railing, the leaves are starting to dry out and turn brown. I think next time more Dollar Tree leaf garlands or plain berries. It’s OK, it will be nice and “Addams Family” looking for Halloween. It will match the dust and cobwebs inside LOL!


I hope you liked my little porch. Do you have your fall decorations up yet? What is your favorite fall decorating tip? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

19 Responses

  1. This year I balanced mini pumpkins on my brass candlesticks for table decor. So fun!


  2. I like it. Lindsay did you hear amazon is taking on etsy! They are going to start selling handmade items 😊


  3. What a lovely front porch…love all you ideas for fall decorations…I wish I was more into decorating for fall…but I never really got into…now Christmas is so different got to decorate the whole house..inside and out…thanks for sharing this with us…love it..


  4. I love Fall but out here in the Calif. desert there are no pretty leaves to show we have one. I put garlands of leaves on the porch railing, Fall flowers in the planter and a beautiful Fall wreath that I made years ago on the front door just to make me feel like it is Fall. Now I feel good ! Now I need some pumpkins.


  5. Love your porch decorating. Have too many squirrels and other little critters that would think the apples and pumpkins are for their dinner.


  6. Love it, pretty

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  7. You have a very beautiful home, Lindsay ! I dream to one day own a beautiful home with a beautiful yard, garden, porch where I can just craft and do art on beautiful days, and just a place I can really call my own. It’s a dream that my husband and I are working on. Once we have that home in place we can move on to starting a family before we get old and my eggs don’t become prunes. 😛


    • Keep working towards your goals, I have a friend who was renting forever and they jest got their first house, you can do it!


  8. Thank you for sharing! Tell me, did you grow your pumpkins and corn? My stalks seems to appear”stringy”, guess I need to group more of them together. Also I have a salt-box style home- Flat front with an inset stoop. I wonder if bunches of corn stalks just up against the stoop on either side with a pretty ribbon would look nice, since I don’t have porch columns. I love the railing, though, again, I don’t have that with a salt box. Hmmm, Lyndsey do you have any ideas for a flat front home?


    • hmmm, you can add architecture with haybales and plat pots, even out pumpkins in pots, it looks cute. I don’t grow them though:)


  9. Hi Lindsay! I think I commented on the wrong thing or site (face plant) but your front porch looks fantastic! I’m still not convinced it’s fall as fortunately where I’m from, way down south, it’s still in the 80s and 90s! So watching put me in the fall mood.

    I’ve been dying to try the faux mercury glass technique, well since last year, hahahaha! I’m a little afraid I’ll mess it up, but I never thought I’d see you demo this, so that was an added bonus! Thank you so much for sharing and the tutorials!


  10. So darned nice. When you’ve got, you’ve got it and, girl, you’ve certainly got it!


  11. This is wonderful, honestly I wish I had the energy this year, but next year I am optimistic.


  12. We don’t decorate for fall but we go all out for Halloween. This will be our 10th year scaring the you know what out of the kids and some of the parents too! We live in a semi small town and have become somewhat famous, now people drive their kids to our neighborhood. Love it? I wish I knew how to send you a picture or two, you would love it.


  13. I love decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving especially Christmas. You did an awesome job on your front porch, BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I had a porch, I’m from NYC so I decorated my front door and my whole hallway😃


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