My Fall Porch Display and Centerpiece DIY!

Hi friends! Last weekend I shared my Dollar Tree haul complete with items I bought to decorate my front porch. I also bought some hay bales, mum, cornstalks and pumpkins to complete the look.


I filmed a porch tour and DIY for Home and Garden for Mere Mortals, it was a lot of fun, here’s the video!

I really had fun decorating the porch this year, I usually reserve the major decorating for right before Halloween but I am glad that I started early so I can enjoy this all season. Here are some photos if you want a closer look at anything.

SAM_3916 SAM_3918 SAM_3914

Full disclosure on the railing, the leaves are starting to dry out and turn brown. I think next time more Dollar Tree leaf garlands or plain berries. It’s OK, it will be nice and “Addams Family” looking for Halloween. It will match the dust and cobwebs inside LOL!


I hope you liked my little porch. Do you have your fall decorations up yet? What is your favorite fall decorating tip? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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