Tutorial: How to Mount Rubber Stamps

Honestly, I had in mind a much more exciting blog post for today but after locking myself out of my house, breaking back in and taking three surly arguing kids to the grocery store my creative energy is KAPUT! Not to mention that this ordeal has made me a tad bit irritable myself πŸ™‚ Luckily, I can share a video on mounting rubber stamps that I shot earlier this week, have a look-see:

Any questions? So, go ahead an order unmounted rubber stamp from your favorite online supplier and buy them at stamp shows. They are easy to mount and much cheaper too! Anyone up for a game of Jenga?…Oh, wait, I used all of my Jenga blocks to mount stamps on! πŸ˜€

Happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Mount Rubber Stamps

  1. If you want to be even more frugal, purchase Tack N Peel and apply to your block and you won’t purchase glue or static cling ever again. You adhere bare rubber to it. Think of the savings in static cling alone! I’ve used mine for years.


    1. I’ve never used that but I have some souble stick adhesive that came with my stampmaker to put on blocks because the stampmaker stamps are not clingy. I have 2 blocks with that on it. Would it damage a cling stamp to put it on a block with tack ‘n peel?


  2. I locked myself out once. I went to a neighbors for help. My husband’s new business did not have a new office number listed. I had to call the long distance located in Canada to get the current number. Luckily, my husband drove home to let me back in. Keys are glued to me now.


  3. Thanks for sharing, I don’t have a lot of knowledge in using stamps and I like the choices you gave for mounting. I did try the Tack N Peel with a scenic stamp and it didn’t give me the definition I wanted. I am waiting for the EZ Mount to come to my scrapbook store, of course it isn’t at Michaels!


  4. Only one problem with Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over. It gets really gummy in humid areas. I did a bunch of stamps with it and am sorry now. I purchased EZMount and am waiting for a hot knife I ordered to remount some stamps. I saw on youtube that you can stamp the image on the cling mount with Staz On ink before adhering.


  5. Excellent. I happen to have a couple of sheets to mount πŸ™‚ I’ve used the cling mount a lot, and like that well enough but I had completely forgotten I have a bottle of Tack it! in my stash.

    One little tip – even with thick high quality rubber stamps , I like to have a cushion. For raw rubber, I will first stick them to sticky-backed fun foam sheets and cut them out, then brush on the Tack it – I came across some old ones I had done this way when sorting out my stamp organization recently and they still work well. You are right – I must have mounted these 3+ years ago and they are still tacky πŸ™‚
    Fab tip, too, on the Jenga blocks for small sentiments (so cheap!) but I have also used the bags of blocks from Ikea as they come in a wider variety of sizes. Still cheap!


    Mary Anne


  6. Hugs to you for the bad day.

    Aleene’s TIO&O is evil, lol. When I first unmounted my stamps my poor cat stuck his paw on one of my stamps. Imagine chasing a freaked out cat with Santa on his foot. πŸ™‚ I stopped using TIO&O for mounting stamps.

    I use bare rubber, double sided tape and a foam mat.


  7. Sorry for your awful day, locking yourself out etc.! We’ve all done it, I’m sure! Great tutorial – I’ve used EZ-mount foam for ages and it’s brilliant. My Tim Holtz tonic scissors are ideal for this (very similar to Kai) with non-stick blades and micro-serrations. For us in the UK, Crafter’s Companion Stick Away is brilliant for removing any sort of stickyness!

    Thanks for sharing.



  8. Look here, I’ve even locked self out of the car,..w/it running! so my friend sold me on making a key and TAPE-ing IT 2 the inside of the wallet! Since then actually haven’t doen that silly again. Re X-tra KEY4 the house,.Instructions: During Gardening seasson: Use Durable Plastic
    Container you get when u buy a potted plant,(or U can just ask the clerk
    2 sell u one, sometimes u can buy one for .2cents really) then tape, the X-tra Key in BLACK Electric Tape, (the black looks like the black plastic, oh and the dirt too!) or use green tape if U use a green garden container. either way, this DID come in handy, once I had left the key on the Washer as I walked out and the auto lock on the door was already on, so I didn’t think much of it. Another good one is to hide a keynin the Garage, that is if you have a garage..hope this helps. It’s nice to haven an extra video tp share. This would be when time best SPENT on a 15-min NAP would be(more better) utilized. Hope Ur less frazzled.


  9. Great tip on the kai scissors – the only ones I’ve found that work so far are fiskars. Do you remember how much the kai scissors were?

    Looove my sentiment stamps – I’ve made ton of ones for little inside jokes or my special sense of humor at http://www.rubberstamps.net/unmounted-custom-stamps.aspx and then mounted them myself…I’ll pick a larger size like the 2″ or 3″, skip a line in between and make a bunch of sayings – really helps cut down on cost!


    1. reat tip! I think the KAI scissors are around $15-$20, I think the Tim Holtz ones are about the same but you might be able to buy them at a big craft store with coupon:)


    1. I usually just put a sheet of cardstock in a page protector and stick the stamps to the outside of the protector if that makes since. Also I am thinking of laminating some cardstock and 3 hole punching it to store them in binders. All of my unmounteds are in binders except for my SU cling mounts that come in DVD cases. Hope it helps:)


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