I am not a professional…but I play one on TV!

Howdy folks. I have to admit that I have the worst handwriting of anyone I know BUT if you put a calligraphy pen in my hand I turn into the Queen of England. Why is it that I can legably…ney, I daresay even beautifully..with a calligraphy pen and not a regular one? I think it has to do with the fact that when I use a fancy pen I “draw” my letters and when I write with a regular old pen I am trying to communicate words…it’s a theory.


Do you wanna try? Here is a 15 minute video that shows you some lettering with a calligraphy pen as well as tips and tricks to make you lettering look professional with minimum experience and effort. I call it faux calligraphy!

Calligraphy tips: Remember these tips and your writing will be beautiful!

  1. Keep your pen nib at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Move your entire arm (from the shoulder) when writing.
  3. Keep the same slant to all of your letters (the  straight lines in your letters should be parallel to each other) for a uniform look. Also try to keep your spacing between letters the same.
  4. Press on the downstroke (more pressure=thicker lines) and lift on the upstroke (less pressure=thinner lines)
  5. Always start your letters at the top!

Always start your letters at the top song. Sing this as you write, it goes to the tune of “If your happy and you know it”:

Always start your letters at the top!

Always start your letters at the top!

When you start a letter,

It get’s better, better, better,

If you always start your letters at the top!


At the end of the video I showed you some resist techniques, I am assuming most of you tuned out when I started singing so here is a recap:)

Step 1. After writing your words color and doodle on them with crayon.


Step 2. Paint them with watercolors.


Step 3: Embossing them with an embossing folder while wet. Paint more color over if desired.


Alternately you can emboss the tag when it is dry and rub a chunk of wax on it then watercolor it for a patterned resist. Oh the fun things you can try when you mix calligraphy with mixed media! Have fun and til next time happy crafting!