Video Tutorial: Pop-Up Slider Card!

Howdy folks! This weeks challenge at Oriental Stamp Art was to make a pop-up slider card. Since I have never tried this type of card before I decided to give it a go:


FYI the card on the left shows the card with the tag pulled out, the one on the right has the tag pushed in…It will make sense when you watch the video. The blue ink I used is Stampin Up! Brilliant Blue.

It was really fun and super quick to make (like 15 minutes!) and these beautiful Asian stamps from About Art Accents were just perfect. Remember you save 10% on all About Art Accents and Art Neko Stamps with my coupon code: Lindsay10% Ain’t it good to have connections 😀 Here is a real-time video on how to make this card, see I told you it was quick!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Pop-Up Slider Card!

  1. Great set of cards. I like the blue, makes the card look like the old china dishes from long ago. What were they called? Wedgewood?



  2. I love the new card. Beautiful & Elegant. When you pop up the Thank you it’s so sweet.

    Yes, I remember the Coluzzle. 🙂 I love my Coluzzle! If PC were still making templates I would still be buying.

    I am glad I am not the only one who holds the stamp down for a few minutes to the let the ink set. All my friends think I am quirky for doing that. I count ten seconds before I lift.

    You know I love your lazy imperfect videos! 🙂 Your not allowed to change the format! :D!

    I have ribbon scissors too with a ribbon attached to it. My DH knows not to cut with them or I will stab him, lol.

    I am rhinestone girl! Love your new mantra.


    1. About Art Accents/Art Neko, you know Annette? It is her companies, be sure to use the coupon Lindsay10% when you order to save more on your order:)


  3. I love the card….colours, stamp, embellishments, everything. I always enjoy your videos. Thanks for the stamping tip. I’ve never been a successful stamper, and now I have a clue why! :))


    1. It is Creative Memories, I got it 9 years ago when I started scrapbooking, hopefully they are still the same, it is a quality tool!


  4. Thanks, I need to find an easy to use corner rounder, as the arthritis is crippling my hands. It won’t stop me, just slows me down! lol I have also seen one with long handles that might work.

    BTW, the color used on this pop up reminds me of Blue Willow that my grandmother had when I was a kid, which will have been overe 70 years ago! I always was in love with that color. (I am easy to please! haha)
    Hugs, Pat


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