Love & Marriage…

Yesterday was my husband’s and my 11th wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe we have been married that long, we dated nearly 3 years before we got hitched too, my how time files! I made him this card to celebrate:


The sexy couple on the card is a stamp from About Art Accents (save 10% with the coupon Lindsay10%) the set of stamps is called Best Day and it is on sale for $9.99 and the postage is only .75 cents, I love it that they don’t gouge you on postage. 🙂 The sentiment I found on the internet, it sums up my feelings perfectly:


I used a variety of my alcohol based markers for coloring. I picked up a pack of the new skin tone Spectrum markers by Crafter’s Companion on sale a month ago, I used them to color the skin. Both times I used them they felt really dry, I know the lighter alcohol markers often don’t feel as juicy as the darker ones but these were really dry.  Has anyone else had that problem or did I get a bum pack?


I wanted a little extra “oomph” around the couple so I stenciled a border for a stencil book I have, easy peasy! The rolled flowers are a Quilled Creations die (set of 3) I grabbed with a coupon. They had a whole display of quilling products at ACmoore the last time I was in and that makes me really happy because I love quilling and I am glad it is getting popular again!

In case you are wondering what we did for our anniversary, we went ti dinner, a movie and hit the batting cages…as they say growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional! Til next time happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “Love & Marriage…

  1. Have heard the same about spectrum markers elsewhere. Heard good things about letroset’s new flexmarkers.

    Lovely card, happy anniversary!


    1. I want to try those, I love my promarkers and tria markers, letraset makes good markers! Glad to know it is not just me:)


  2. Have you found it to be true that the best remedy for an argument is Compromise, the question is when does the or who does the compromizing. This is a Lovely Card, the colors patterns, it all tells how you feel, so how could it not be GREAT. I bet he oved it, esp knwing that this IS,…just one of the things that U R Sooo good at!


  3. Lovely card. Your DH is one lucky man to have such a talented and knowledgeable wife. Thanks for all the tips and techniques. Happy Anniversary.


  4. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

    I love the image on the card. It’s so beautiful and erotic. The whole card is beautiful.

    I heard Spectrum Noir’s are drying out fast. I don’t have any. I have been hearing that it’s a common problem.


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