Doctor Who & Twin Peaks Inspired Greeting Cards!

Hi friends! I totally realize that these specific cards are for a very limited audience but you can use the techniques and ideas to make other cards too!


I didn’t know what I was going to create when I set out my supplies but I sure did have a good time playing! It takes longer to create in this manner but that’s how you learn, grow and discover techniques that you will able to efficiently use on your future cards. Feel free to binge watch your favorite TV show while you create for inspiration!


On the inside of this card you could write: “Geronimo! Now off to your next adventure!” and use it for a retirement or graduation card. I dipped into some older stash to mix in with my new supplies for this card, namely gel pens and Paper Artsy acrylic paints. I really enjoyed using the matte acrylics because it allowed me to stamp and use gel pens on top. I think it is the glossy plastic-like surface that I don’t care for in other acrylics but I really like the matte finish ones. I need to make a not of that. I wonder if there is anything I can add to the other acrylics I have to degloss them. If you know of such a thing let me know in the comments! We can learn together! Now, without further ado let’s watch the tutorial!


This tutorial is sponsored by Top Flight Stamps! SAVE 10% off your next order with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter10 *USA orders of $50+ ship free!

Supplies (from Top Flight Stamps)

Other Supplies:

1. Make backgrounds by spraying bristol/watercolor paper with water through a stencil and then sprinkling on pigment powder. Let dry.

2. Stamp images with black ink.

3. Stencil time tunnel with acrylic paint.

4. Accent with gel pens, and markers. *Heat embossing can also be used.

5. Punch 2 edges of a matting panel with a small square punch so it looks like film and mount that and the art panel to a white card.

I hope you break out some of your underused supplies and try something new today!Happy crafting!

7 Responses

  1. There is a product you can get from paint stores (hardware not art) called deglosser. Not sure it would work but it’s not so pricey you can’t experiment.


  2. Getting my geek on — >> Loved it! Being a sci fi / fantasy fan, I know both those shows (well, the original TP anyway).. The timelord card could also be an Xfile card, and in fact reminds me of the opening sequence. 🙂


  3. So fun cards! Loved the tip about white embossing and alcohol pens- who knew?


    Description says to use the matte medium with liquitex acrylic paint, but I’ve used it with other brands successfully & it meets the ‘lasts forever’ criteria. I still use a bottle that I bought 15 years ago.


  5. These are really different cards and make a great change from florals/cute animals. What I love about your videos is that you always show plenty of techniques for getting more out of existing supplies and I have learned so much. After watching I always want to go and make a card! Thanks so much for all your tips and ideas!


  6. Wow, those are really wild! Love it. And, where can I find a little square punch like yours?


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