Another Cheap Marker Review:)

Hi friends! Today I am going to review and show you how to color with Ohuhu alcohol markers.

IMG_20171105_111245 (1)

I have seen them online and was curious if they would perform well because they were so inexpensive and the company sent me a set for review purposes. Here is a swatch of the colors in the set:


Here is a link to the set I am reviewing and a coupon code good for 15% off this set: 15Frugal Offer good through 11/15/17 11:59pm PDT. Want tosee how they preform? Watch the video!



Review: These double ended art markers feature a fine tip bullet nib and a chisel tip and are filled with alcohol ink*. They have an oval barrel much like a Copic marker. *3 markers are fluorescent water-based markers/highlighters.

  • Low Price-Around 50 cents a marker.
  • Great selection of colors (77 alcohol pens)
  • Good blending ability.
  • Gray identification band on the end with bullet tip to make finding the fine tip end easier.
  • Markers provided crisp lines on the paper I used with no feathering.
  • Good layering ability (you can layer up colors to get darker shades.)


  • There is no brush nib so blending over a large area or palette blending is limited.
  • One marker arrives with a loose cap but it was easily fixed with a few drops of denatured alcohol-Just make sure you cap them tightly as with ANY alcohol pen.
  • This set could use a medium light violet and medium light brown to round out the colors but you could add those colors in from other brands is you like as long as they are alcohol based.
  • The 3 waterbased highlighters were an odd choice, I’d rather have 3 more alcohol pens (a clear blender, mid violet and light brown) instead of those.

IMG_20171105_111836 (1)

Bottom line these pens are a steal, I have never tried alcohol pens that were this inexpensive, they are half the price of a Sharpie! I think this is the perfect set for someone starting out or someone who want’s an extra set for travel or for a teen who is getting into markers on a budget. This set is NOT for someone who must have a brush tip marker. I think they are a great buy. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Til next time happy crafting!