Happiness vs. Pleasure

Hi friends! I posted this video earlier this week on YouTube. I recorded it a couple of weeks ago and honestly I almost did not post it. I know some people don’t care for my “Konmari” videos but on the other hand some of the most thoughtful engaging comments come out of those videos from viewers so I know they are reaching people in a positive way.  A few weeks ago I read an essay on Seth Godin’s blog called The Pleasure Happiness gap and it really made me think. Just about that same time I read a really insightful comment from a viewer on my Hedonic Treadmill video that said something to the effect of “Even-keel being just fine” and it hit me that we are expected to be trying to be happy all the time and it is making us stressed and unhappy. How ironic? So, there is the backstory for today’s random Sunday chat:) Enjoy!



I think that trying to live in the moment and enjoy what we have (in real life) instead of constantly searching for something else (that we think we need because we compare our lives to others) is the key.

I also wanted to apologise if I came down too harshly on social media. Truth is that I can get sucked in, waste time and scroll on, I was speaking of my failings. I did not consider that Facebook and other outlets may be the only point of outreach for some people and for that I am sorry. Thank you, as always for sharing your points of view in the comments. Understanding each other is how we all grow and I am very thankful for that! I’ll be back tomorrow with a marker demo and review, til then happy crafting!