Power is Back On! Happy November!

Hi friends! I hope my fellow northeasterners are warm and safe after the big and somewhat unexpected windstorms Sunday-Monday this week. We just got power and internet back late last night. Some towns recommended postponing Trick-or-Treating at the last-minute but since we had a generator we had our annual pot-luck Halloween Shindig and was able to pass out candy and host a hoard of teenagers (how are my kids teenagers?!?) My only regret is that I didn’t get any photos. I think many people are doing Trick or Treat on Friday so we all might costume up again, at least I’ll grab another bag of candy incase kids come around. I love Halloween!

Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash


The storm we had was nothing compared to the hurricanes earlier this fall down south. My friend Sandy Parker for Crafting for Almost everyone posted a video to gather supplies to help out our fellow crafters that lost everything during the floods and hurricanes. Her goal is to help crafters replenish their craft supplies and she has been receiving many donations from crafters! There have been fewer people requesting supplies though so if you were affected by the hurricanes and need supplies, or you want to help, check out this video and get in touch with Sandy.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween and til next time happy crafting!