Stamp School: Postoids & Inchies (DIY Ephemera!)

Hi friends! I like to make my own embellishments for cards and scrapbook pages. I also like techniques that I can use my stash of stamps without using anything up. That is what I love about rubber stamps (as opposed to stickers and other embellishments) you can keep using them but you never use them up. Because of this it is important to collect really versatile rubber stamps, especially if you are a beginner. Here I am using several Rubber Stamp Tapestry set to make some postage stamp embellishments. Oh! Before I forget use the coupon POSTOID16 to get 20% off your peg stamps and peg stamp sets order of $10 or more at Rubber Stamp Tapestry through 6/5/16. (sets I used are linked below)


This technique is really useful for smaller stamps and sometimes those can be the most challenging to use because we have to be creative and build a whole design ourselves but working within the confines of a small “window” it becomes very fun and easy! So, grab your small stamps and let’s get started!


I like to make a bunch of these and save them for future use on cards and scrapbooks or swap them with other stampers.


1. Cut a mask (window) with as many rectangles as you like from cardstock or acetate.
2. Tape the mask to white cardstock and stamp in the opening.
3. Sponge or sweep ink over the mask to color the background.
4. Cut around with stamp edge scissors and pierce holes between the stamp squares.

I hope you try this fun technique, make sure to keep the masks you cut so you can make more in the future, I have been using mine for years! Don’t forget, get 20% off your peg stamps and peg stamp sets order of $10 or more using coupon code: POSTOID16 at our sponsor Rubber Stamp Tapestry but don’t wait, the 20% off coupon is only good through 6/5/16. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “Stamp School: Postoids & Inchies (DIY Ephemera!)

  1. Hi! Just wanted to tell you the discount noted in your post is stated to apply through June 6, 2016. BUT… I just ordered from them and was informed the offer is over on their order summary. Love your posts and your art! Take care.

    =^..^= Renee’ 💓 ” Be impeccable with your word, speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” -Miguel Angel Ruiz 👉 ” No price is to high to pay, to own yourself.” -unknown 👬 ” You can not shake hands if you have a closed fist.” -Michael Tsarion 🌟 ” No master above, no slave below.” – unknown


    1. I just saw this comment, did you place your order and do you need a discount refund? The offer Postoid16 is active, maybe you had last weeks coupon. Let me know and we will get it fixed:)


  2. This is a cute little project. I was thinking something like this would be a fun thing to add to a Flip Book, which have become popular lately. Thanks for sharing this with us, Lindsay.


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