Another Epic Crash!

Hi friends! Have you ever heard of the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Well, substitute Alexander for Lindsay and that was yesterday in a nutshell. I had so much computer work to do yesterday that I didn’t get down to my studio until after 2pm and there was an epic flood! The sump pump stopped working and there were inches of water on the floor. Luckily I just did a pretty thorough cleaning 2 weeks ago so it was not that bad, and I keep everything valuable off the floor just in case. I did leave a bolt of fabric leaning up against a shelf and that wicked up the water pretty good but other than that I had wet socks and mild irritation to deal with. I got the pump working and the cellar draining and I started to film, when another event took place.  I like to make use of all of the vertical space I can so stuff is stacked to the celling. I was cranking an embossing folder through my die cut machine and the wiggling of the machine sent a stack of boxes tumbling on top of me, luckily they were filled with sponge brushes and crochet snowflakes but something heavy hit my hand and I am typing with a bruised pinky finger. The agony. One of the boxes knocked over and broke the bulb in my tabletop filming light too. So after I finish this blog post I will go down and deal with glass shards and any puddles that did not drain on their own. This little ordeal reminds me of the epic crash of last week when the “super rugged shelf I found on the side of the road” gave up the ghost and came off the wall taking dozens of canvasses and pan pastels with it. Luckily only one pan pastel was injured and today I will show you how to fix it!


Tip, if you want a prettier surface on the pastel then lay a piece of cheesecloth on the pan of wet pastel and use a smaller jar to tamp it down so it looks nice like the others. It will still work fine either way. I did not want to waste any pastel that might stick to the cloth, and I did not have any right on hand so this was fine for non-picky me.

These recent events have had me rethinking my craft-hoarding tendencies AND my carpentry skills. It’s kinda like the universe is trying to tell me something…

What do you think? Are you a craft hoarder or do you only keep the bare minimum of supplies around? My problem seems to come from the found objects and packaging I save to upcycle into cool awesome stuff. What is your crafting weakness? Let me know in the comments below, let’s support each other and our wonderful craft hording tendencies LOL! Wait, maybe not hahaha:) Until the next epic crash, happy crafting!


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