Vintage and Modern Card Ideas with the Same Stamp!

Hi friends! Today I am going to show you two very different cards using stamps from my Budding Spring Stamp set from Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Both of the cards also feature peg stamps!


The first card involves scene building, masking and watercoloring with ink pads to create a storybook like scene.


The next card is quick and modern for those times when you want a cheerful card in a flash!


Watch the tutorial to see how I made them:

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*Here is the glue I use to mount my unmounted stamps, a bottle lasts for years and you can squeeze drops onto a non stick surface, let it dry and make your own glue dots too!

Other Supplies:

1. Stamp the main images in scene masking if needed.
2. Press ink pads to tile to create your watercolor palette.
3. Wet the background and pick up ink with the waterbrush and add it to the wet background.
4. After the background is dry you can color the other elements.
5. Fill in the scene with peg stamps masking if needed. You can also spatter on ink to give an impressionistic look to the landscape.

I hope you try these fun ideas on your next card! Happy crafting!


Stamping Succulents! (BTW I designed these stamps!)

Hi friends! I am so pleased and humbled by the response to my first line of rubber stamps with Rubber Stamp Tapestry. It is a wonderful feeling to know my artwork will inspire others to make their own art. Today I am going to share one of my new sets: Succulents.


I designed these stamps to be used together to make scenes and arrangements but I also want them to be big enough to be used on their own if you just want to do a quick & simple card. I also wanted you to be able to use them with other stamps you already have because in order for my stamps to earn a place on your craft table they need to make your other stamps and supplies more useful.


In today’s tutorial I am going to show you 3 different ways to create masked scenes with these stamps so you can use them on their own or with other plant pot stamps you have. I will also show you how to layer colored pencils to create rich images with depth and contrast.


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Here is a look at the five new stamp sets!


Click here for a closer look!


Thanks again for all of your words of support and encouragement! Sales have been brisk and I am so thankful for that too:) I hope you try these techniques with the supplies you have on hand and til next time happy crafting!

Fabulous, Quick & Easy Lattice Braid Card!

Hi friends! Today I have a card technique that looks complicated but is really easy! Your friends will think you spent hours or used fancy tools to make the lattice braid on the edge (I won’t tell if you don’t!)


Watch this video to learn how to make the card PLUS I’ll share tips and tricks for combining stamping and marker coloring:)

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Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:

Other Supplies:

Directions for lattice fold (you can do this on any size card, you just need and even number of flaps to fold over)

1. Score and fold card in half.

2. Mark a guide line 1″ parallel to the fold on the card.

3. Make marks every 1/4″ along the fold with a pencil.

4. Use a 45 triangle to draw a line from the mark on the fold to the guide line you drew.

5. Cut along the slits to the line you drew. Cut away the triangle at the top and bottom.

6. Open the card and fold the next to the bottom flap down. Repeat with ever other flap. As long as you have an even number of flaps it should work out but if you cut an odd number you can trim off the top:)

7. Fold the card back and decorate as desired!

The lattice step will take less than 10 minutes. The total card will take around 30 minutes to stamp, color and assemble. Try the lattice fold technique on any card you want to add a decorative touch to. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Fun Colorblocked Batch of Cards (Make inky backgrounds or use up your scraps!)

Hi friends! Making a color blocked card is kinda like making a quilt. You can piece together different colors and patterns to make a really interesting composition. (I must say that this is probably one of my favorite scrapbooking technique too so try this on a larger scale if you scrap!)

I have templates to do this for 12″x12″ scrapbook layouts and I think you used to be able to buy card sized ones too but I never did. Luckily you can make up your own as I did. You could also sketch it out on grid paper and it would be easier and less wasteful. Hindsight is 20/20. Feel free to use my layout if you like it!

I love to make my own backgrounds (odd since I have so much store-bought pattern paper, huh?) So in today’s video I will show you some Distress Oxide background techniques. If you don’t have DO inks try regular distress ink for a similar result. Or use whatever ink you have then flick on some white ink (or white watered down watercolor, gouache or acrylic) you really can’t go wrong. I also use mica powder and if you don’t have that grab some pearly eyeshadow! Never fret if you don’t have what I am using, grab the closest thing in your stash and give it a try! You will learn something new about your supplies and if it goes wrong it’s only a piece of paper!


This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry use coupon code: FRUGALSEPTEMBER17 – 10% off everything in the store. Coupon expires September 30, 2017. Become a Peg Stamp VIP & get an instant coupon for 20% off RST stamps here plus the deepest weekly discounts available! Offer expires September 30, 2017.


Directions (for batch of 4 cards):
1. Cut a sheet of cardstock into 4ths and ink each section with a different color scheme using distress inks.

2. Make 4 card based and envelopes and set aside.

3.Stamp mason jar bouquet onto panels of watercolor paper or cardstock measuring 1.5″x2.75″ Accent with ink using a waterbrush if desired.

4. Once the inked panels are dry you can cut them into these sizes (cut 4 of each size, 1 for each card-see template above.)
2.25″x2″, 1.25″x.25″ (I did these from blue/purple color)
3.5″x1.25″, 1.5″x.75″ (I did these from green/aqua color)
1″x1.5″ (orange)
1.125″x1.5″ (pinky/red)
*Use whatever colors you want using my measurements or make up your own design!

5. Adhere all the blocks to your card-bases!

I love that you get four cards for the effort of one using this method and you have little waste afterwards. Since I have a shop in town where I sell my cards the extras always come in handy. Let me know if you have any questions and til next time happy crafting!

PS I just wanted to thank everyone who left me kind words of encouragement yesterday. Your support means the word to me and I am feeling much less stressed out after taking a “catch-up” day. Have a great weekend!

Distress Oxide Inky One Layer Card {Stamp School!}

Hi friends! I had many people asking me what I thought about Distress Oxide ink so I decided to get some and try them out!


I will play with them some more and do another tutorial with fun ideas for these but for now I have a few fun techniques in today’s video! I will also share some alternative ways to get this look if you don’t have Distress Oxide inks!

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry  Use coupon code: LINDSAY17 – 20% off peg stamps and peg stamp sets on orders of $10 or more. Coupon expires July 3, 2017. New stamps are being released soon, sign up for the Rubber Stamp Tapestry newsletter for bonus free projects and fun news! *Please note that unmounted stamps and other craft supplies are not coupon eligible due to their already low everyday price:)


1. Make a card from mixed media paper and tape it to a board, mask the borders of the card so you have a window to stamp in

2. Sponge blue and purple ink in window, dry then spatter with water and blot. Let dry.

3. Pounce ink through a stencil with a make up sponge. Also use a sponge and black in to make a frame. Spatter with water.

4. Stamp vines around the edges of the window and butterflies within the window.

5. Accent the butterflies with gel pens and outline the window with black.

6. Remove the tape and stamp flowers and sentiment on the bottom of the card.

7. Ink the bottom of the card if desired.

I hope you try a one layer inky card, even if you don;t have the new distress oxide inks you can use the inks you have to get a similar effect, the more you play with your supplies the more versatile they become! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Start With Stamps Then Draw!

Hi friends! It is easy to get stuck when creating. I find if you get something on your paper right off the bat it frees your mind to create. I love the little flower motifs in these peg stamp sets from Rubber Stamp Tapestry and I though they would be a great jumping off point for these cute girls!


The neat thing is that you will get a different picture every time you try this. Why not ink up a stamp and try it today? Watch today’s video to see how to use your supplies and create these cute faces!

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry use coupon code: LINDSAY17 – 20% off peg stamps and peg stamp sets of orders of $10 or more. Coupon expires July 3, 2017


Stamp a spray of flowers, this may be a cluster or a border if you want a crown of flowers on your girl. Sketch a face around the flowers and color as desired.

There are infinite combinations on how you can make your flower girl. Have fun & happy crafting!


Think Spring, Stamp a Scene & Save 40%!

Hi friends! It is currently snowing outside and we have had temps ranging from -20 to 8F the past few days. Luckily I live in Maine so if I don’t like the weather all I have to do is wait a day and it will change. They are calling for a high of 40 and rain tomorrow. Almost springy huh?


I do hope we have a white Christmas (as long as the roads are good so I can safely travel home to see my folks) but honestly I needed a break from Christmas cards. I finally got them addressed and in the mail today. I know what you are thinking, the cobbler’s kids have no shoes right? The professional crafter (almost) doesn’t get her Christmas cards out LOL! Ha! I never claimed to have my act together, one year I sent out “Happy New Year” cards because I completely missed the boat. In today’s video we are going to make a one layer card using many techniques with simple supplies. Watch the video to see how!

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1. Cut window from typing paper, save both pieces.
2. Place window on cardstock and swipe ink on with brushes, then stamp on images.
3. Add more color with colored pencils.
4. Remove window and place cut out over the stamped scene and stamp and ink the border if desired.

I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are this weekend! Have fun with these inking techniques and til next time happy crafting!

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