I’m Gonna Save you Money Now {DIY Chalk Ink!}

Hi friends! Have you ever had an ink pad fall off the base or have your chalk in run dry? Today we will solve both problems!


Watch the video to learn how to re-attach a loose ink pad and how to make chalk ink!

To fix the inkpad you will need: Gorilla Glue and a spray bottle of water.

1. add a couple drops of glue to the plastic inkpad base and spread it with the tip of the glue spout.
2. spritz with water.
3. Replace the foam inkpad, tape gently into place and let dry 30 minutes and you are all se to use the inkpad.

To make chalk you will need colored chalk pastels, a like and the spray bottle again.

1. Spay a puddle of water onto the tile (1 squirt)
2. Rub the pastel/chalk  into the water until you have made a nice thick puddle of ink.
3. Soak up the ink with the inkpad.

There! Now what will you do with all of that extra ink-pad buying money? If you liked this tip please share it on Facebook, Pinterst or Twitter! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


27 Responses

  1. You gave us 2 great tips in this video!!


  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Love the chalk ink, hate the pads. I can now use them again.


  3. Thanks Lindsay! I have a couple of ink pads that are dry and thought of throwing them away. Now that I know how to make my own chalk ink I guess I will give this a try.


  4. I love your DIY craft supply tips! The first time I saw one of your videos it was about how to make your own alcohol ink!


  5. Great video Lindsey. Learned some handy dandy tricks from this video on how to glue ink pads back to their base when they come loose. Also the part on how to use chaulk and water to make into ink for re-inking those ink pads that have gone dry.

    Thanks Lindsey.


  6. Thank you Lindsay – as always, your mind comes up with such solutions to problems that help all of us out here counting our pennies up!!!!!


  7. You aren’t called frugal for nothing, are you Lindsay?


  8. What a clever and awesome tutorial…thank you so much…now I can hopefully give life to some old ink pads…glad I didn’t throw the out…tfs


  9. I am in awe of your Brain!…how do you know all this stuff?!? Keep it coming…love it! 🙂


  10. thanks for sharing thode two ideas.


  11. So once you have restored them, these chalk ink pads can be used just like any ink pad? I always wonder if the ‘chalk’ part is going to make it smear off. Whatcha think??


  12. I so happy about the gorilla glue. I have several petal pads that came of.
    Question what can u use to replace if one of petal pads just fell apart?
    Thanks again for saving me money.


  13. thanks for sharing this!


  14. Last month I bought a large pastel set from Michaels (at least 30 colors). Regular price was $5. Since it was the only non-clearance item I bought, it was $2.50 with my 50% off coupon.


  15. THANK YOU!!! Yes, more, more, more DIYs!!


  16. Thank you for sharing these ideas… PLEASE keep them coming.


  17. What GREAT information. More DYI’s, please.


  18. Great video, just what I needed as one of my distress ink pads was loose when it came.


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