Are You Being Paid in Fun? {art marketing vlog}

Hi friends! There is a point in every artists or crafters career that they have to decide if they are going to get a real job or charge enough to make a living or even (gasp) plan for retirement and build wealth. This myth of the “starving artist” bugs me for several reasons. The biggest one is that some people believe that since the job is fun we should not be paid much. Often that feeling comes from the artists and crafters themselves. Let’s discuss this in today’s art marketing vlog:

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The fact that YOU are the only one making YOUR art, that should make it more valuable. Here are some steps to ensure that you charge enough for your work and get paid what you deserve:

  1. Learn how to figure out what you should be paid (materials, hours, overhead, profit)
  2. Stand by this price.
  3. Educate your customer on the value of your work.
  4. Learn the pitfalls of charging less: If you take less for a job than you are going to need to rush to do more work to make up for that, your quality will suffer and your work will end up being worth less. When people know you will work for less they will never pay a fair price.

In many of these art marketing videos I share ways to make and build an art business but you also need to learn to sustain it so you can stay in business. Good luck in your art and craft career and til next time happy crafting!


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