Pressed Flower Projects!

Hello friends! I was really in the mood for spring after the snowstorm we got Friday, luckily I had a package of beautiful pressed flowers from Greetings of Grace to play with!



I wanted to try a few projects that would showcase the beauty of these expertly pressed flowers and also appeal to different skill levels. I decided to start off with a simple to make bookmark, then make an intermediate greeting card and then as a challenge use them on a slick surface like the ceramic mug and pitcher. Watch the video to learn how!

Let me know in the comments if you would like the full alcohol marker coloring tutorial for the flower fairy and I can upload that for you.


HOT DEAL! 10% Off your entire order from our sponsor Greetings of Grace with code: FRUGALCRAFTER

Supplies: Pressed Flowers from Greetings of Grace of ones you have pressed
Stamp and Ink pad (Stamp is from Crafters Companion)
White ceramic mug/pitcher
White Glue (I used mod podge)
Acrylic sealer (I used Minwax Polycrylic)
Waxed paper


Pressed flowers are beautiful on paper crafts like cards, bookmarks and scrapbook pages but also lovely on home décor items like frames and vases.  I encourage you to try pressing your own flowers but for variety and ease consider the beautiful pressed flowers available at Greeting of Grace too. It’s the best of both worlds! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


22 Responses

  1. Love all of them! Would like the fairy done in water colors, me and markers don’t play well together…lol. Thanks for always caring and sharing with us, your just the bestest!


  2. Love how those turned out. Will give it a try. thank you for sharing!


  3. Espe ially love the fowers on the ceramic, could you tell what sealer you use please?


  4. Would love to see the fairy done in markers. I have spectrum noir and they have been pretty idle since I bought them as I am not confident enough with them. I also got the 72 pencil set of inktense and the complete set of spectrum noir blendable pencils. Perhaps a tutorial on all of these mediums please, I know I’m being greedy but I have such faith in your tutorials as,I’m sure, do a whole bunch of other folk. Thank you Lindsay. ( now there is a challenge) big hugs. June


  5. As always u have the best ideas for new ways to craft. I’ve been wanting to do thing with cermatics n didn’t know how. I was wondering they should be hand washed only?
    WOULD LOVE tutorial on the fairy card.
    If u would not mind I would like to show this to the ladies craft group for r bazaars is that k. Again thank u. u have taken me into an other whole world of crafting u r the best

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    • Hi Lindsay, .My mother literally sent me a shoe box full of beautiful pressed flowers from the hill country in Texas and I have been looking for ideas to use them in a creative way….I usually never have to look any further than “the Frugal Crafter” to get my creative juices going!! Can’t wait to give this a try….Do you have any advice on ways to store pressed flowers? I would also like to see pressed flowers used in a watercolor mixed media somehow….thank you for your inspiring videos and “happy crafting” attitude!!


    • go ahead! The mug is hand dustable, I am using it as a pen cut but it would be fine for a vase too, I would not submurge it in water for cleanign tho


  6. I love those pressed flowers. So many possibilities! Thanks for sharing.


  7. Tutorial on the fairies~~yes, pls! I’m kinda in a colored-pencil phase, but any medium you show us will be appreciated!


  8. Yes, I would like the alcohol ink marker video, please. Thank you!


  9. Oh Lindsay, one of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer is to press my flowers (and those I find) Wonderful ideas, and I can use those flower fairy stamps I purchased awhile ago. Love it, thanks for the inspiration.


  10. The fairy is adorable, but I really like the bookmarks. That would be fun for almost any age and skill level. The prices are remarkable, especially the variety packs.

    Thanks for brightening my day. We are having a blizzard right now and it’s nice to think about crafting with flowers.


  11. Hi Lindsey, Love your tutorial. The flowers and fairy are beautiful 🙂 It makes me look forward to spring! I am in Pa. and it is snowing here too. Love all your videos, you are so inspirational and I have learned so much from you. Keep up the good work! Hugs and happy crafting to you too. Rosie B.


  12. The flowers look beautiful


  13. Where can I buy the fairy stamp? Need her!!!


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