Stack ribbons and buttons for a boho bracelet!

Hi friends! Do you know you probably have jewelry supplies that you do not know about in your sewing stash? Ribbon, buttons, a needle and thread!


These days we use our craft supplies for jewelry making, scrapbooking, cardmaking, home decor crafts and more.  Watch the video to see how I made the bracelet then you can apply the same techniques to make the necklace too.

You can use the stuff you have for this bracelet or use the supplies I used from PandaHall:


I listened to you guys when you said the shipping cost was high and difficult to figure out so I mentioned this to PandaHall and they opened a store on (USA) and Amazon UK so you can get their best sellers at low prices with free shipping. I hope they stock the stuff you want! I want to thank Pandahall for sponsoring this post and thank YOU for stopping by! So, have you ever used non-jewelry making supplies in a jewelry making project? Let me know in the comments and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Stack ribbons and buttons for a boho bracelet!

  1. Lindsay that is a very cool bracelet. Have you ever crochet in buttons to make bracelets? I think I need some of those buttons. Sitting here being very sad. I came home from work today and my grandson was sitting in his yard crying. I didn’t t realize that the trash bag that was beside him was his dog. His mothers father had ran over his dog and he was so upset it broke my heart. Well I just had to talk to someone and you are like family. Hope you have a good rest of the week and thanks for listening.


  2. Great idea…thanks for the tips.
    I have made bracelets by sewing black elastic (the kind used in pull-up trousers) into a loop and attaching buttons in various sizes, shapes and colors. No closure to worry with.

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  3. I love bead embroidery. The stiff backing artists us is pretty much the same as interfacing, and I love the fusible kind that I can then press onto a pretty fabric to hide knots. I also prefer the durability of buttonhole thread to the monofilament.


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