How To Make A Braided Wrap Bracelet!

Hi Friends! Today I am going to show you how to make a braided wrap bracelet using burlap and lace ribbon from Offray. I am also using a cute red and white polka dot to give this bracelet a punch of color.  Since this bracelet is designed to wrap and is long it can be used as a necklace too!


Both of these ribbons are exquisite, you can really feel the quality when working with them. This burlap is quite soft so it is perfect for wearing next to your skin. The lace trim is actually sewn to the edges of the ribbon which was a nice surprise because I thought it was printed when I ordered it. I really makes for a nice texture and is so easy to work with.


You will need:


Step 1. Measure loosely around your wrist/forearm 3 times and add 5″. Cut a piece of each ribbon that length. The additional length is needed because braiding the ribbon will make it shorter. Slit the wide ribbon into 3 pieces leaving them connected at the top.


Step 2. Lay the narrow grossgrain ribbon over the middle strip.


Step 3. Add a drop of glue to secure the red ribbon and neatly pleat in each side so you have a 1″ wide ribbon stack.


Step 4. Attach a ribbon end using nylon jaw pliers.


Step 5. Braid the 3 strands keeping the red ribbon with the strip of burlap with no lace.


Step 6. When you get to the end trim the ends flush.


Step 7. Gather the stands neatly and add the other ribbon end. You can use hot glue to keep the ribbons together while attaching the ribbon end. Only use a small amount, it is the strength of the ribbon end is holding the ends together, the glue is just an aide.  Add a toggle clasp using split rings (do not use jump rings as they tend to slip off of the ribbon ends.) If your bracelet is a bit too short you can add a couple juprings between the split ring and toggle to extend it as far as you need but it should be pretty close.


Step 8. Trim any long raveled strings from the bracelet. The bracelet will have a soft fringe on the cut edges giving it a country-shabby chic look. It is a fun casual summary piece of jewelry that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet with blue jeans or a sun-dress. Plus it is quick enough to make for all of your girlfriends! For a different look you can reverse the bracelet and it will be a plain burlap braid (see images below.)


I hope you enjoyed this easy jewelry project! You can find the ribbons I used from Offray and I thank them for sponsoring this blog post. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!