A Beginner Oil Painting Tutorial: Roses

Hi friends! Today I am going to share a quick oil painting tutorial with you!


I was having a rough painting day, nothing was turning out right and I hated to trash the watercolor board I was working on so I collaged some book pages on, sealed it with mod-podge then stenciled and smeared it with acrylic paint. Once that was dry it was a perfect surface to use oils on. You can paint oils over acrylics but NOT acrylics over oils. Watch the video to see how I did it and how to fix common mistakes you might make if you are out of practice or using oils for the first time:


I hope you found that helpful. Let me know if you want to see more oil tutorials because I do enjoy working with them. I will go back to the drawing board with the watercolors I was attempting so don’t worry watercolor fans. I think I was having such a hard time because it had been a while since I had a watercolor tutorials so I was pushing myself to create SOMETHING and that pressure just crippled my creativity. I think it happens to us all. It is hard for creativity to thrive under pressure. I have found when that happens to just cut my losses and try something new, AKA oils. How do you overcome a creative block? Let me know in the comments! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and til next time happy crafting!