Don’t squeeze the pen so hard Lindsay!

Hi friends! I am feeling like a big doofus tonight because, as you will see in tonight’s video I am seriously clueless as to how to use a Wink of Stella pen. I just got my first real one this week and I loved how sparkly it was but at my rate of consumption I was going to use it up in a week! Apparently after you get it going for the first time you do not need to squeeze it (although I am pretty sure it says push or squeeze on the side of the barrel and I did by golly!) So, if you get one of these don’t squeeze it so much LOL! Many YouTube viewers said their pen lasted over a year and you can add water to it after round one is used up. Also don’t toss it because it is a really nice water brush when you are done too! Tonight I am going to use a very underutilized tool in my studio, embossing folders, with watercolor pens to create a couple colorful cards!


Embossing folders
Watercolor Markers (I used Kuretake/Zigs but you can also use Distress, Spectrum Aqua, Tombows, or even Crayola!)
Watercolor Paper or Bristol Board
Bender pen
Spray bottle of water
Wink of stella pen in clear

Try this technique with the embossing folders and watercolor markers you have (or pick up some at Hallmark Scrapbook, it helps support my blog) and til next time happy crafting!