The Craft I’m Scared of…

It’s true, there is a craft supply that scares me: Resin. I have read resign blogs, watched videos and read the instruction on the large bottle of resin I bought (BTW I bought the Polyester stuff which is more of a challenge than the typical 1:1 ratio epoxy stuff) and the more I read the more confused I got! There are so many variables for error with resin: The room temperature has to be above 70 degrees, my studio is unheated and I live in Maine (I’m sure I’ve whined about that before) so the only months my studio is warm enough is July – September if I am lucky. But the humidity needs to be low, well when it is warm enough the humidity is high. Also the amount of drops if hardener in the resin I bought varies with environmental conditions and thickness of cast piece. I could go out and buy the other kind of resin but it is too late to return what I have and I morally need to use it before I buy more. I only bought the big jug of resin because I had a coupon and no plan…damn those 50% off coupons LOL!

I decided to dive right in with the resin experimentation!
I decided to dive right in with the resin experimentation!

So made a plan. Step 1, Clean molds. Step 2 Spray with mold release and let dry. Step 3 collect papers I want to encase (they need 3 coats of mod-podge, even the paper edges need to be sealed, man this is getting to be more like cooking with each step, ugh, PS I totally skipped the mod-podge, I’m a rebel ha ha!) Step 4. Gather inclusions. Step 5. Cover work surface with a silicone mat and make sure I have a plastic frame use as a dust dome nearby,

So resin fumes are toxic as I understand (when did that ever stop me?) and I want to do this at the end of the day and preferably when my kids are not around but since I only have a warm enough studio in the summer I have to do it now. I am hoping the fumes do not travel from my cellar studio to the rest of the house. That would stink…no pun intended…OK pun intended! šŸ˜€

Also resin has a shelf life, It was expensive and I don’t want to waste it but I don’t want it to go bad while I think about what I want to do either. I love the look of resin jewelry, I hope I can make some good pieces.BTW before you judge me on the excessive amount of beer bottle caps I asked my niece to save me hers and she got friends to do the same, no intervention needed LOL! I’ll let you know how these pieces come out after they cure, wish me luck! So, are there any crafts you are afraid of? Til next time happy crafting!

21 thoughts on “The Craft I’m Scared of…

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to hear how they turn out. Wonder if the paper will be OK despite not being sealed as it seems a bit of a hassle to do all that before you even start LOL. Good idea about the plastic frame – would never have thought of that.


    1. Hi Morag, the paper will be fine, it absorbs the resin is all so if you don’t seal it it will be translucent rather than brink and opaque and yes, too much hassle if I don’t know if my resin will cure right. Waiting for the darn stuff to cure is the worst part of this..well the smell is not great either LOL!


  2. I used to use the resin to make ponds for dollhouses but I poured it into plaster molds of the pond, didn’t have much problem with it. I even had kids use it in school for projects. Don’t remember how I did it though LOL


  3. Have you tried the Mod Podge Mod Melts? I saw a YouTube video on making embellishments for cards and scrapbook pages. It looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully not as toxic. I don’t have a craft store within 100 miles so will look at the system when in California. The material is melted by a glue gun. It isn’t clear but can be colored by many materials. I would love to see you demonstrate it!


  4. I’ve never done anything with resin either. Good luck !! They look pretty in the picture !!
    I have always wanted to try quilling, but it looks like a lot of fiddling. Do you have a video on quilling ? Maybe if I watch someone do it, i my give it a try.


  5. You rebel you!! I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Please post and give us a term paper – no, it doesn’t have to be that long, just the facts ma’m, just the facts!

    Love ‘ya



  6. I’m afraid of any new craft I might like!
    When would I sleep?
    I will not do encaustic. I will not do encaustic!


  7. Taking baby steps into new things…newest for me is the Gelli Plate – and I’m loving it!!! Bravo for your experimentation Lindsay!!! Looking forward to see what they will look like!
    Paper Hugs,


  8. Can’t wait to see how your bottle caps turn out – I too am terrified of resin! I bought a bottle, had a ton of various projects (bottle cap magnets, bottle cap wreath ornaments, washer necklaces, bottle cap snowmen ornaments) and watched umpteen videos on it. Then, I read the instructions and was so intimidated by the environmental conditions issue that I chickened out and returned the bottle. I eventually just used Glossy Accents to finish my projects – which costs about 4 times the amount!!! (Fortunately, I am doing this a charitable venture so our group requested some donations for “special glues” and we received enough to cover our costs). I live in southern Canada (actually the most southern point of Canada) and our summers are either wet, wet, wet or hot, hot, hot with high humidity – not conducive to working with resin!


    1. it sounds like the weather we have in Maine, I will post leter in the week and let you know how I made out. It seems to be curing but taking 48-72 hours rather than 24 due to the humidity, I think if it is colder or damper it takes longer. I have used Envirotex Lite (a 1:1 epoxy resin) and gorilla epoxy with no trouble here too. The gorilla sets so quickly but it is expensive.


  9. I’m with you resin is my nemisis also. I want to try it, but the cost of it not working scares me a lot. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out…. Maybe someday. Thanks for sharing your experiment. Love Ya’ Patricia


  10. try the kind at easier and almost no smell and great tutorials. Also, I discovered that Golden’s Self Leveling gel is pretty much exactly the same as Diamond Glaze and all those other kinds of glaze type things and much cheaper in the long run and also makes a great glue that dries clear.

    What part of Maine are you in? I lived in Saco for 5 years


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