Old Office Labels and OSA Challenge #235

Good morning friends. The other day while digging through a  drawer I cam across a box of old office labels. I remembered a technique one when I painted across a bunch of them and used them on a card. It just so happened that they would be perfect for this weeks challenge at Oriental Stamp Art:

DCF 1.0

It is a really fun technique and easier than it looks too. You can use any stamp you like but I used this Panda motif from About Art Accents (it’s on sale for $4 too!) to make mine. Watch the video for full instructions on making the card:

Easy huh? I think I have a package of small rectangle yard sale labels around here somewhere, If I can find them I will try this technique on a “window pane” looking card. Of course I’ll probably get distracted by something else (probably something shiny) while I am on the hunt.

DCF 1.0

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “Old Office Labels and OSA Challenge #235

  1. Beautiful cards and great tutorial. The labels really give it a cool shoji screen look (I know I’m mixing countries). I didn’t know you could use markers on stamps like that. I’ll have to try it!


  2. The card and especially the technique is absolutely awesome! Love it!!! TFS….one question since you are working the happy b’day on the sticky side what do you put on the other side to adhere to the card? double sided tape? thanks again great video and technique.


    1. I put a piece of double stick tape to the front of the label before peeling it off the sheet, that was still stick enough to adhere to the card.


    1. I stamped it on cardstock and punched it with a 1″ punch then glued to to 4 more 1″ punched circles for thickness:)


  3. I tried making a card using small rectangle labels one time. It looked great until I tried to transfer them to the card base – what a chore. I tried to do it one at a time and keeping them in line. Needless to say, it did not go well and that one went into the big “G”. Love your way of transfering it and I will be giving it another try. Great tutorial. Thanks.


  4. I am fascinated with this. I don’t have the panda stamp, but I’m sure other stamps would work as well. Any suggestions on what kind of a stamp I could use?


    1. oh Pam, anything would work! Scenes are fun because it looks like you are looking out a window or flowers would be nice as if you were looking into a garden. Or you can make it look like porcelain tiles by stamping a pretty design in one color. Experiment!


  5. What is that contact paper you use, and where can I get it ? I am in Canada and an hour away from my nearest craft store, and even those options are limited 😦 I love this project, because being “frugal” as well I am always happy to find ways to use the “stuff” I have laying around


    1. It is clear shelf liner. The grocery store and discount stores carry it. You can use colored liner if you have it at home but you cant see where you are placing your labels so if you go and buy some new get clear 🙂


  6. Really? they sell contact paper at the local pharmacy especially since it’s back to school time or even a local Dollarama sells it (if any left) or other ‘dollar’ store…they are sold in a roll. I’m off the island of Montreal in a little hick town where there are not many ‘crafty’ things available but open your eyes and take a look it’s amazing what you will find! I did! 🙂


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