Busy week, New Booth & Broken Truck Sat Chat 7/2/22

Hi friends, This week has been a whirlwind for me! My daughter Lila and I rented a booth in a new boutique to sell vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, cards, and art and we were able to set it up over the last couple of days. Why do pricing and packaging take forever? Here are some pics:

It looks better in person I think. I decided to destash some gently used supplies as well. I put alcohol markers up high just in case some unsupervised children were roaming around. If you are local or visiting Maine this summer, the shop we have our booth in is Win-Win Boutique 388 S Main Street, Brewer, ME 04412 and they will be open starting July 5. M-F 10am-5pm and Saturday 10-4. Anyway, I thought I’d share because some friends on YouTube asked this morning:)

Sat Chat time!

Other Stuff:

  • Michaels’s free class coming up on August 15th at 2pm ET, I don’t see a link on the website yet tho.
  • These are the laundry sheets I bought (it would be cool if the funny ad pops up when I mention it LOL!) it’s 67% off and works out to 8 cents a load. I hope it works!
  • This is the “Lil Green” machine we bought. I will let you know how I like it. I have a few pieces of furniture I want to clean. I hope it will suck out dog hair from my couch!
  • I did manage the first sketch for World Watercolor Month. The prompt was “train.” I’ll share a photo below. I am using a 4″x4″ sketchbook so hopefully, I can stick to it and it won’t be too overwhelming. I’m already feeling overwhelmed by life LOL!

What’s new with you? Happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “Busy week, New Booth & Broken Truck Sat Chat 7/2/22

  1. Hey lady, the booth looks great!!! If you want to get ALL THE FUR, try this 3 step process. First, dampen a rubber window squeegee with a mist of water, swop it over your ‘furry’ item, wipe it off and repeat. Step 2 is to use a foot pumice stone and swipe it along in the same manner as step 1. Be careful with nappy textiles. 3 step, vacuum! We have a pug and an Australian shepherd, German shepherd mix. We have enough fur to start collecting it for carding and spinning, no joke! But this does the best job for us on corAling it off the furniture. Good luck!!! We

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  2. I have never heard of laundry detergent sheets. I also found it thought provoking that powder detergent clears better than liquid. I do keep Borax as laundry booster if I have a very dirty load. I will look for these.
    I always enjoy Sat Chat. You talk about so many things and art. Thank you

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  3. wow I didn’t realized I’d moved to your neck of the woods 😀 across the border in New Brunswick I’m tempted to take a trip down after being a fan for 16 years eesh time flies.

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