Wild Hair? Don’t Care!

Hi friends! All you need is a Prussian Blue/Indigo and Scarlet/Cadmium Red watercolor paint to create this fun portrait! Well, you do need paper and brushes too LOL!

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The paints I am using are from my Lukas Signature Set. It also contains 100% cotton watercolor paper and Creative Mark Mimik brushes. All you would need is a red and blue watercolor pencil for this lesson. My new brushes will be available in August. If you want to be notified when they become available click here.

I encourage you to use what you have when you are trying loose and experimental works. It takes away the feeling that it has to be perfect. Sometimes art supplies get a little too precious and the longer we put off using them the less likely they are to ever get used. Don’t let that happen, you are worth the good supplies. Use them in good health! Happy crafting!