10 Tips for Combining Pen & Ink and Watercolor for Beautiful Effects!

Hi friends! Today I want to share my favorite technique for combing Pen & Ink and Watercolor!

We will use fine-liner pens, these are especially useful because not only are the waterproof when used under watercolor they can also be used with alcohol markers without smearing if you enjoy using both types of media. You can use then to draw a detailed picture and then paint over it or you can add refinement and details to ho-hum paintings.

We will also play with metallic watercolors. They are really fun for adding glitz, glamour and special effects especially this time of year as we get ready for holiday crafting!

If you are ready to learn a bit more about combing pen & ink and watercolor watch the video!

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Keep in mind you can take little elements I showed here and there and apply them to your projects. I hope this inspires you and til next time happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “10 Tips for Combining Pen & Ink and Watercolor for Beautiful Effects!

  1. This video was GREAT ! I have wanted to incorporate pen/ink with my watercolors and you gave me the courage to do so. I’m excited to try this technique. THANK YOU.


  2. Your ink drawing of the flower in the jar…NEEDS TO BECOME A STAMP! ♥♥♥ Yes!… (and your colouring is absolute wonderful of the whole of your composition).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can’t wait to sit down tomorrow and do this video. Last year you gave me the courage to paint some Christmas cards and actually give them out. You are a great teacher, and very encouraging. Thank you for all you share.


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