Playing with Paint and Making my own “Dusk Colors”

Hi friends! A couple of weeks ago I had a super busy week with lots of deadlines. So of course I wanted to rebel and procrastinate a bit (LOL) and decided to see if I could make my own granulating dusk colors similar to the new Van Gogh dusk colors for sale.

It’s a really fun experiment, All you need is a black paint containing PBK 11 such as Renesans Mars Black or Daniel Smith Lunar Black and mix it with transparent watercolor or water-based ink. The contrast of the granulating black and super bright transparent colors makes a wonderful combination. So the next time you should be doing something else but don’t feel like it give this a try! Happy crafting!

PS: A viewer lest a comment saying the Pbk11 is magnetic so you can move the pigment with a magnet under the paper. I know what I’ll be trying the next time the urge to procrastinate hits!

PPS: Affiliate links used.

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