SALE! Spectrum Noir Marker 24 packs $20-$24!

Hi friends! I just wanted to pop in really quick and share a deal this week at Consumer Crafts, all Spectrum Noir Alcohol Marker 24 packs are on sale, the 4 original sets are $20 a pack and the two NEW releases are $24 a pack. That’s $1 or less per double ended marker. There is no duplication between any of the 24 or 6 marker sets so you can build your collection as your budget allows. I am excited to get the two new color packs because I have all of the others. Also today they have 15% off site wide on non sale items so you can stock upon embossing folders, dies, paper, paint and more at additional savings!

2017-04-22 (1)

Consumer Crafts also has free USA shipping on orders of $75 or more so you can really save a bundle with the marker sale, 15% off non-sale supplies and free shipping. It’s a great time to stock up!


Disclosure: By shopping via my special discount links you are helping support the free tutorials on my blog and YouTube channel while getting a great deal and I thank you for your support! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



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  1. Lindsay, thank you so much for being an “enabler” lol! 😉 I just completed my Spectrum Noir collection…what a sweet deal -thanks for sharing and I used one of the links you have listed above, so hopefully you’ll get the credit for my order. Now I just have to be patient and wait until Christmas to actually use my new markers! (Hubby will insist, since that is the only way I could talk him into spending so much money on craft supplies at one shot!) I watch your stamp school videos faithfully and have learned alot from you -keep teaching and sharing!


    • Thanks Lindsay, I just completed my set of spectrum noir pens, dumped a bundle on jewelry findings too. Thanks for all your tutorials, please know that you and coffee make my mornings. 🙂 Recently retired and having a ball with crafting and jewelry making.


  2. looking forward to trying out the vintage colors!


  3. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Lindsay, Just wanted to let you know your links to the markers are not working.

    Take care, MaryJane



  5. Hi! the links both here and on the email I received do not work. Thought you’d want to know. Love your blog and youtube channel. Thanks for your hard work.


    • thanks for letting me know, they were working earlier, all of my affiliate links to consumer crafts seems to be down but others are fine. I have contacted my affiliate manager to check into this!


  6. Thanks Lindsay for letting us know about this. I have been going back and forth about these markers for months. Because of this sale I have made the move. I hope I like them! ~Kim


  7. Thanks Lindsay, I went over and bought the markers I didn’t have! Thanks for sharing!


  8. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hi Lindsay, when I click on the link you have it won’t go to it!! Where you have— Disclosure: By shopping via my special discount links you are helping support the free tutorials on my blog and YouTube. (I wanted to go through the special discount link to help you, and also want to ask you if these are the same color as the ones that were $5, I bought all of them?) I really like they, and would like all the different colors, but don’t want duplicates. Thank you❤️ 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad


  9. Lindsay, I would love to get them but now I’m stuck thinking which sets to get!! Right now I have decided to not get the darks because I don’t think I’ll use them much and the pastels because I have several similar colours in my collection already. I’m on the fence over the Nature set because of the muted browns colours that I can’t imagine myself using.. but if I leave it out then I’m going to have a great gap in the greens and burnt orange, especially if I want to do foliage. Sorry if this sounds really silly but I’m a complete novice here and I don’t have much experience in alcohol markers :/


    • My new sets just came in the mail so let me look…I think lights is good to start with because it will help in blending and you can use them with the brighter color markers you already have. Nature has pretty greens and yellows and browns good for foilage and landscape coloring and those colors are easy to blend for a beginner where vintage has many purples and pinks which are more tricky to blend. I recommend going with lighter colors first because you can always build up colors to get a deeper tone but dark colors can be hard to use.


  10. Dear Lindsay, Thank you so much! I used your link and ordered 126 markers and some embossing folders. I hope it helps any. Always love watching your YT videos.


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