Alcohol Ink Techniques on YUPO!

Hi friends! Today I have a really fun project using alcohol ink on YUPO paper! You can use either liquid alcohol ink or alcohol ink markers (BTW the sale links to snag the 24 packs of Spectrum Nior markers are now working! You can get the four original 24 marker packs for $20 each and the two NEW 24 marker packs for $24 each and there are NO Duplication between any of the 24 or 6 packs sets so you can build your collections budget allows.) Thanks to everyone letting me know there was a problem with the links yesterday and being so patient while it was resolved:) You are the best!


If you don’t have YUPO paper don’t despair! You can use vellum/parchment (modern vellum is not really vellum, it is a plasticized paper) you can also use glossy cardstock for a similar effect or if you are feeling brave try this on any light-colored non porous surface like tile coasters or white dominoes. Watch the video for full instruction!



I hope you enjoy experimenting with alcohol ink on yupo paper, if you don’t have Yupo try whatever glossy paper you have or even acetate sheets or vellum. Art is all about experimenting and having fun so make some time for arts and crafts today! This post contains affiliate links, when you shop via my special discount links you help support the free content on my channel and get great deals, thank you and happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. I had just purchased this set and so the timing was perfect. I don’t have any fancy framing dies, so I just cut an oval and backed it with a slightly larger one in a color that matched. I spritzed some cardstock with the homemade sprays I learned from you for the background, did my stamping (the little fish in a few different colors) and then mounted everything on a card. I’m really happy with how it turned out.


  2. I just keep learning from your videos. Now to find the time and do them myself!


  3. j’aime beaucoup ces fonds et le papier Yupo – les cartes sont jolies, trop de colle sous la ficelle gâche un peu le résultat – bravo pour toutes vos vidéos, suis fan, même si je ne comprends pas tout et que le traducteur est trop fantaisiste. Belle journée à vous,


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