How’s That Art Business Going?

Hi friends! Today I have an art marketing vlog for you. It is easy to be dissatisfied with our handmade business and we may feel jealous and compare our business with another artists business. Sometimes we think other artists and crafters are just more lucky and in the worst case it might even make us feel like closing up shop. Don’t until you watch today’s video!


See, you never know what is really happening behind the scenes in another crafters studio or checkbook for that matter so why speculate. It does no good. What will do you some good is hard work and minding your own business. If you want even more handmade business tips be sure to check out Rich Mom Business’s Free Handmade Training course, whether you are selling on ETSY, craft fairs of you have a dedicated web store she will help you make products that sell, and, this course is free.


So, do you get caught up in comparing? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. I do look at other artist sites n gauge their quality and price compared to mine. I’ve sold paintings in person but only one on my site. I get loads of FB comments on how good I am but no sales online.

    I just also opened an etsy shop but it’s brand new. No profile etc yet.


  2. No, I don’t compare, but I often feel as though I just don’t have what it takes. Then I remember that I do. I came close to quitting a while back, and then talked myself out if it. Since then, I have really been hammering it, and reconfiguring my train of thought. I recently ran across Renae’s training course, thanks to you, and I am putting together my first official product line. Excited for my future! I LOVE your marketing videos, and I have learned SO much from you!!! Thank you! You’re the inspiration when I need it!


  3. Thanks for the very TIMELY tip and “pep” talk. My mentor said the same thing but it hit home when I heard it aloud! You are right, the work you put into your business is what will yield the results you want! Spending time working on the business and not spending that time comparing yours to someone else’s is the key. I really enjoy the daily lessons which have really encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone to try new media! Thanks!!


  4. My lord, Lindsay, this is the most inspirational video I’d ever watched in “crafting business world”!! Thank you for reminding me all these you said in this video. In fact, I SAVED this one, to “remember'” when I need some “energy”, in the future, under my NEW folder; “inspirational” in “bookmarks” on my computer. 🙂


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