Stamp School 11: Blending tools!

Hi friends! Tonight we are talkin’ ’bout blending tools! Many DIY version work as well as, if not better than, store-bought but luckily you can find a lot of option that won’t cost a fortune.


Watch the video to see the blending tools I use!


Bottom line, brush tipped blending tools give you a softer look (think of applying make-up with a brush as opposed to a sponge tipped applicator) and sponges can give you a more solid coverage. Look at the supplies you have around your house and see if you can get the results with what you already have. I hope this video will help you choose the right applicator for the look you want. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

PS A lot of folks said they would like some tutorials with alcohol ink, leave a comment if you would like to see some too!

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50 thoughts on “Stamp School 11: Blending tools!

  1. Enjoying these video’s lesson! Would love to see video school on alcohol inks! I am learning a lot thank you Lindsay for all you do teaching and giving us so much tips and different ways and not for getting cheaper ways off doing things! Your Amazing God Bless Hugs Liz x


  2. Thanks for all of the info. I would love to see more on alcohol inks! I have been playing with them recently & would love to learn more.


  3. Great information once again. Do you ever sleep? Can you blend with baby wipes? I would like to see information on other types of inks.
    thanks again for all you do. I’m heading over to Artneko to check them out. thanks, Sue, Delaware


  4. Another great video, Lindsay!!! I would love to see more ideas done with alcohol inks please. I also thought you might show the blender pens, like the one you recommended from Stamping up and other blending, like water pens, or the ones with glycerin in them. You might had already done a video on them and I might have missed it. Thanks again, for sharing all your expertise with all of us.


  5. Hello,  I’ve been watching your videos for a  short time, now, and I’m wondering if you would be willing to answer a personal question for me. I was born and raised in NJ and when I listen to you, I hear a home accent.  Are you from NJ? We’ve lived in South Louisiana since 1967, Cajun Country and love it, but I still enjoy hearing an “up-home” accent, so I just thought I’d ask.  Wherever you’re from, your voice is good to listen to. Thanks, Vivian a.k.a. menoceros  


  6. I am new to stamping and all of your stamp school videos have been tremendous help. I have watched them multiple times. I don’t know anything about alcohol inks so a video on them would be great. Keep the stamp school vids coming….please


  7. luv judikins also! Luv that handle from color box. They used to make “stylus” , to attach that handle, and that’s why I still have it. Luv your Baby block idea 🙂


  8. What is the name of the Darice “foam marshmallows” product that comes (I think you said) 20 to a box you recommended? The denser blending product.


  9. I am new to stamping and these videos have been great. I love your energy and you bring sunshine to my day. Please keep up the stamp school videos! I’ve started to watch your older videos on YouTube and have learned so much. Thanks for all you do for us!


  10. Would love a tutorial on Alcohol inks. I have store bought and homemade but just having really taken the time to play around with them. Your tutorials rock.


  11. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this very useful info.
    I noticed in the video that your blending tools are not covered up but are just put in containers without lids. Could they dry out and become hard? Thanks.
    Best wishes.


  12. Love these videos. Sure do alcohol inks too. I recently tried the floor polish and alcohol inks on acetate. Interesting effects.


  13. What a great video–as a relatively new stamper, I have been struggling with lots of questions this video answered! Thanks! Also, I tried the homemade make up sponge blending, but my sponges kept falling apart–am I just pressing too hard? I’d love, additionally, if you did a video on blending multiple colors on card stock.


  14. Alcohol inks video would be great. Everyone does it a little differently but I find that you cut through all the crap and make a whole lot more sense.


  15. Loved Blending Tools 101! Looking forward to the Alcohol Ink Tutorial. I haven’t used mine in a while and watching this reminded me how much fun they are. I use to take them and put drops on photo paper and then use the canned air (used to clean computer key boards) and spray to move the ink around-made awesome backgrounds.


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