DIY Kissing Ball Topiary {Centerpiece or Mantel Decoration}

Hi friends! Today I have a fun and frugal project that will decorate your home for fall. I picked up a bunch of square peat pots for 5 cents each at a garden center, I don’t have a green thumb but I thought they could be cute painted.


The “kissing ball” can even be used alone and hung from the ceiling for a party, Christmas or a wedding. Remember you are the crafter, you can make this project any color you like to match any décor! Watch the video to see how easy it was to make!


Kraft Paper (I have the 18″ wide roll of 60#)
Peat Pot or Clay pot (gardening center or craft store will have them)
Fringe scissors
Hot glue and white glue
Glitter (clear iridescent)
12″ dowel
Marbles (for weight)
Acrylic paint and brushes
Circle punch or die (or scissors to hand cut circles)
Orange grosgrain ribbon (5/8″ torrid orange)
Buttons or other decorations

1. Paint pot and dowel.
2. Crumple kraft paper into a ball and secure with tape. Glue to dowel.
3. Cut strips of kraft paper and fringe edges to make the pot filler.
4. Punch circle from kraft and fold as shown in the video.
5. Glue the folded circles to the ball by the point.
6. Punch 4 holes on each side of the peat pot and weave ribbon in then tie ends in a bow.
7. Glue the end of the dowel into the pot and fill with marbles to stabilize the dowel and add weight to the topiary.
8. Add glitter and decorations to the top (kissing ball) of the topiary if desired.


These are great to make in batches and you have my permission to make these and sell them (more money for craft supplies, right?) I want to thank Papermart for sponsoring this post and that YOU for visiting. Hey, if you liked this project please pin it on Pinterest (handy links below) or share it on your favorite social media. Until next time, happy crafting!

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