Review: Regina’s Watercolors

Hi friends! Today I am reviewing the sampler set of watercolors and coloring book from Regina’s Watercolors. They are handmade watercolors using the Dr. Ph Martin Hydrus watercolor as a base. To that, they add honey (a humectant), gum arabic (binder), ox gall (flow aid), and clove oil (preservative). The paints are available in small metal pans as well as traditional half pans. Their palettes accommodate the metal pans. All colors are made with the 11 foundation colors found in the Dr Ph Martin Hydrus liquid watercolor set one. *Regina’s watercolors are a nice option if you like the vibrant colors of Hyrdus but you prefer the convenience of a pan paint. Also, I have issues reactivating the Hydrus on my palette as my hard water makes it sediment out.

I will have a video on this sketch this Sunday on YouTube.

This is a long review so I have timestamps if you want to skip to the parts you are interested in:

  • 01:00 unboxing
  • 11:26 Palette Assembly
  • 16:45 Watercolor Coloring Book Flip Through
  • 21:33 Swatching
  • 34:22 Full review, color mixing, pigments, etc
  • 53:07 Artwork samples

*This watercolor set was sent to me for free to review.


  • Vibrant transparent color
  • Mixes cleanly
  • You can make the full range of paint from 11 colors
  • Compact Palette is sturdy with a glass mixing area
  • The price is reasonable for the quality
  • Very honest and transparent company


  • Only 7 of the colors are single pigment (including white and black)
  • The paint is very sticky and you can accidentally lift the metal pans off the magnetic palette when you are using them.
  • It’s easy to accidentally get paint in neighboring colors on the palette.

Bottom line: These paints are lovely. The company is honest. I think the 11 foundation set might be the way to go as the metal pans are larger and you can spread them out in the palette a bit to avoid contamination. I also think purchasing half pans of Fuscia, Poppy, Daffodil, Aquarium, and delphinium would be a great way to sample the colors. They are clean, strong, and mix well. I still wish to have a traditional yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and Ultramarine blue but I would have no qualms using the other colors in the set. You can learn more about Regina’s watercolors and see what they have to offer here.

I hope you found this useful and til next time happy crafting!

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