Stamp School #5: Winning Ways With Watercolor Pencils!

Hi friends! I hope you are enjoying your summer, we had another beautiful day in Maine! Sunshine and low 80s! I hope you picked up some watercolor pencils because I’m going to show you a few techniques while we make this card:


I recommend a waterproof black inkpad and watercolor pencils for beginner stampers for 2 reasons: 1. they are very versatile and allow you to have a rainbow of color for a small cost. And 2. Because even if you do not continue to stamp you can use the watercolor pencils for many other hobbies.  I hope you enjoy this weeks lesson!


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White cardstock
watercolor pencils
Butterfly stamp
Sentiment (this is by inkadinkado)
Blender pen
watercolor brush
bucket of water
Waterproof black ink pad
Black pen

BTW  If you don’t have a waterbased blending marker just use a paintbrush dipped in a 50/50 water glycerin mix (glycerin is available at the drug store.)

Let me know how these techniques work for you! If you liked this project please click the like button below and share it with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter! Thansk for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “Stamp School #5: Winning Ways With Watercolor Pencils!

    1. the card sizes we have been making are standard and you can buy envelopes in those sizes (A2 is the half sheet size and A7 is the 5″x7″ card) or you can invest in an envelope template like the envelope punch board or the Envelobox creator. the Martha Stewart scoring board makes envelopes nicely too and a scoreing board is a great tool for a cardmaker, I use mine daily!


  1. Thank you Lindsay. I need to get my pencils out and try using them. LOL. I enjoy watching you use them though. I am trying to keep a note book on tips that you share.


  2. Hi Lindsey, thank you for doing all these tutorials, they are great and greatly appreciated. I am new to stamping and I was wondering if you would do a tutorial on digi stamps.
    Thanks, Jackie


  3. I have been stamping for many years, but it’s fun to go back to the basics. I always learn something new, or am reminded of a forgotten technique. I think your timing is great.


  4. I am new to stamping and you are helping me with so many great tips. I love when you make mistakes and don’t get uptight about it, because as a newbie, it raises my level of comfort. Going to try to make a card right now. Thanks for sharing your time and talent.


  5. What a fun card! Thank you so much for your tutorials! I really enjoy watching and listening to you. You do a great job demonstrating and explaining. Even though I have been stamping for several years, since I don’t get to stamp often, I have not only learned new techniques, but I am also reminded of things that I have forgotten. I often pin my favorites so that I can review them again later!!!


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