Thin Die & Stamp Storage! Cheap and Cheaper!

Hi friends! After the stamp show and a gifted box of thin dies (Thank you Sherlock Hoka!) I had 2 baskets of dies on my shelf. I needed to consolidate and come up with a simple system that would let me access my dies quickly and also store the few sets of stamp/die combos. Here is my solution:

I used up all 50 of the Avery Elle die storage pockets I bought and I wish I had more. I searched on Amazon for a bulk package of pockets like this and found CD pockets. A reviewer posted that they were the same as the Avery Elle ones so I cheerfully paid $18 for a box of 500. I am now having Déjà vu, Deli paper anyone? Well as I promised in the first video I would show you how they compare:

Honestly, I think I would have been better off spending the $18 on 2-3 packs of 25 of the Avery Elle pockets because it is unlikely that I will have 500 dies to store…then again I do like a challenge! But on the other hand it is 75 vs 500 pockets. Well, at least you can make an informed decision if the larger size and sturdier side seams make the Avery Elle pockets the best bet of if you would do better with the smaller cheaper pockets. They seem to both be made of the same plastic material and thickness. I hope you found this helpful and as always happy crafting!