Let’s Paint a Clematis in Watercolor!

Hi friends! I have a relaxed painting tutorial for you tonight, it was requested by a couple of viewers recently:


I used my QOR watercolors on a 140# Strathmore greeting card. I sketched the design with watercolor pencils but you can use a regular pencil if you prefer. You can find the lovely reference photo by Nicola B. at Paint my Photo.


Yes, I do realize I forgot to scrape the veins on the last petal, luckily I noticed it before the paint dried (unluckily it was after I turned off the camera LOL!) I hope you give this fun painting a try, and til next time happy crafting!

5 Responses

  1. Wonderful painting! I was hoping you’d do a clematis tutorial!
    Credit card cut up is a great idea too, done that so we’ll see how My flower turns out, they are such cool colours clematis flowers. have a nice day Lindsay! 🙂


  2. Beautiful as always!!


  3. It’s a great looking painting thank you for showing us how to make it.


  4. I love all your flowers! I’d like to see a beautiful open flower that I could then set a picture of my grand babies in like an open lotus that I could snuggle them in or another idea you might have. Thank you so much. Cindy


  5. GREAT tutorial. I love your relaxed style when you paint.


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