I am SO over winter!

Hi friends! You know what I could go for right now? Some more snow. Just kidding. We do have another 12″-16″ in the forecast tomorrow though. The cold I had has made the rounds and I am still not up to snuff yet. Being sick and cooped up is making me long for springtime and bright colors so I decided for my Papermart project this week to whip up some pastel party favors:


Chalk paint tutorial

Paint take out boxes with chalk paint (or use colored boxes also available at Papermart) and let dry. Fold a doily in half and cut out the center. Secure the doily ring around the box with washi tape. Make a washi tape flag by adhering it to half of a paper straw and insert into the side flap of the box.

That  project did put me in a better mood but I tell what, come Monday that groundhog better see his shadow! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for that. I wi definitely try it. Feel better


  2. These are cute boxes. I’ll have to try it. Good luck with the snow. I hope it is the lower side of the prediction for your area. Have a great weekend.


  3. cute boxes!! I agree with you being so over winter and we didn’t get nearly the amount of snow you guys in Maine got!! hurry up spring!!


  4. Any chance of seeing pictures of your snowstorm? We were 55 degrees today! (West Coast) We had a freeze spell several weeks ago and I don’t wish the cold weather back any too soon but it would be lovely to have a little snow (for a day!) 🙂 Hope you all feel better soon! Also, thank you for the storage tips and videos!!! You got me excited; I just bought an old paper filing rack!


  5. Sorry! We had 70 degree sunny weather today in Mobile,Aabama. Come on down and enjoy Mardi Gras! Mobile is where Mardi Gras began and not New Orleans. Our Mardi Gras is more family oriented!
    Hope you can kick the yucky feeling to the curb, Lindsay!
    Thanks for all you do!!!


  6. Cute idea as always!! Love the colors reminds me of Easter:) I got a lot of snow that fell down yesterday, took about an 1hr to shovel it. Only because I was busy playing in it with my dog. lol


  7. hi Lindsay. Well we dodged the storm that hit you guys but it did snow here over night, and all night. However life goes on here school’s are open, everyone’s at work, except the guy who is supposed to clear my driveway!! Anyways, I too have Pan Pastels and I did buy the bigger palette because of the cost (like you said), brought it home and returned it to the store. I loved the palette but it did not fit into my storage system I prefer to use the smaller palettes that I store in an Iris scrapbook 12 x 12 box with hinged lid. that way it fits on my shelf and I can take it with me to go.


  8. Hi again, I have another tip for everyone. My friend uses the Pan Pastel palette to store and carry those pans of makeup for children so she can do face painting at parties.


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