Happy Halloween!!!

Hi friends! I had an amazing night! We had our annual Trick or Treat open house and it was a blast, so many families came, we had a pot luck dinner so the kids could eat something good before the candy:) The  kids took off in mobs to go around the small cul-de-sac where we live and they came home with candy, they also played tag outside in the dark, pool and pinball! I even set up a well-lit photo area so parents could snap pics of their kids in costume. I took a few seconds before it all began to wish you all a happy Halloween in this video (shot in front of the aforementioned photo booth:

Sorry if this is rambly, it is late and I am tired but a good tired knowing that everyone had a good time and that my kids are not too old for Halloween. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

16 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!!

  1. Happy Halloween, Lindsey. We didn’t go trick or treating, but we did treat ourselves. We bought an electric fireplace! I hate to mention this, but northern Wisconsin has snow – lots of snow! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully the kids won’t drive you too crazy from the sugar highs.


  2. Lindsay, Seriously now, You put the Cool in Kool-Aid Mom and the Most in the Hostess with the Mostest. What a Wonderful person You are. We have had snow here before on Halloween but it was an odd warm this evening. I believe it will kick our buts in a bit here on the Wasatch Front
    . Night to You Sweet Lady. Lynda in Utah


  3. It sounds like a wonderful and fun tradition! I hope you all have a fantastic and safe Trick or Treat night. You are such a great lady Lindsey. I wish nothing but fun and laughter for you tonight 🙂
    Big Hugs!

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  4. You are the”cool mom”….. Love it!! Looks like it was a great time for kids and parents!!! Nice going Lindsay!!! And now…here’s……….November!!!!


  5. Wow Lindsay! You are the best, I admire you. I have had 2 people I have admired one is a very special lady I worked for when I was a teenager. And the other is Barbra Walters. Well I just put you on that list. You are so cool. Of course my mom is # 1 and I miss her dearly.Hope you a very good weekend.


  6. Hello Lindsay, sorry to have to communicate with you this way but my emails keep coming back that I send to you. And Word Press has told me to contact you on your comment page instead.

    I just wanted say a big Thank You to you for forwarding my email yesterday to Artneko about my webpage problem with their site.
    Annette promptly emailed me back. Later that eve I was able to access the site and place an order due to your help!

    Your blogs are great! Loved your Halloween costume. I never would have bothered you yesterday if I had known how busy, busy, busy you were. How kind of you to stop and help me with that situation.Once again Lindsay-Thanks for your help yesterday and for all your frugal tips. I am a New Englander too so learning about them and using them is what I am all about. Janet Day


  7. I sure wish I was your neighbor. Sounds like a blast. We don’t get trick or treaters on our street (houses are too far apart for a good score ha ha! Sure miss the little ones in their costumes, though.


  8. Hi Lindsay,
    Thanks for showing us there are options out there to try before investing in more expensive brands. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!
    Hugs to you,


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