Art Marketing Saturday! What is Authority?

Hi Friends! I was wondering, how many of you are selling at craft fairs this fall? That is not the topic of today’s vlog ┬ábut I am curious. My crafty friends on Facebook have been talking about the fairs they have been selling at and the season is in full swing. I wish all of you folks setting up booths this year the best of luck! Today I want to talk about something that will help anyone’s business, whether you are a writer, artist, crafter…or even a plumber. We have to be reputable. As artists we need to produce high quality that is consistent. It is how we build out reputation. After we build our reputation (which is similar to building our “brand” and as creative people we are our brand) we need to build our authority. But how? I will explain in this weeks art marketing vlog:

I hope that made sense to you. Reputation is what we control and create but authority is bestowed upon us from outside sources. Both are important to our success as creative entrepreneurs. I wish you the best of luck writing that book, getting into that gallery or selling at the next craft fair or art festival. I hope these art marketing vlogs help you in your artsy endeavors. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!