Saturday Chatterday!

Hi friends! How are you this week? I’ve been nose to the grindstone on a big freelance project but I wanted to have my weekly sat chat visit with you!

I haven’t got a chance to blog my Frugal Friday or the replay of the Michaels/Derwent class yet but I will tomorrow so stay tuned for that!

Other Stuff I mentioned:

  • A new jellyfish tutorial is up now in the Critique Club membership group
  • The 50%off deal on the Critique Club Archives is still on: 2019 archive, 2020 Archive, 2021 Archive *Regular price $60, with coupon $30. Offer good through 1/31/22 Use coupon code LAUNCH50 if the discount doesn’t appear. *Additional tax may apply in some countries. **Each yearly archive compilation contains the 24 real-time tutorials posted in the Critique club during the specified year. Prompts and original art critiques are not included in the archives.
  • Woodsy snowy landscape tutorial

If you want to hang out with fellow sat chat fans the comments under the YouTube video are awesome, we have such a wonderful community there and you are welcome too! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

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